Community Meeting Log 02/27/2018

You say, “So the reason we called this meeting is we’ve had a lot of questions the last couple of weeks regarding the Sailors Guild. Which is awesome because it means things are happening in game.”

Neith moves from StoryBuilder Cosmo to an oak desk.

Neith sits down on an oak desk.

Baronetess Morven silently cheers.

Lady Meepers listens to you.

You cheer Maddog Madalina mostly, “Look what you did.”

Commander Roofus enters the world.

Commander Roofus grumbles.

Maddog Madalina smiles thankfully at you.

Baronetess Morven applauds Maddog Madalina.

Lady Meepers grins at Maddog Madalina.

You say, “The most recent question, which I think is a great question ..”

Commander Roofus listens.

You paraphrase, “I have heard from specifically from two chars that the Sailors Guild is the -Rinaldi Mafia- (aligned with the Rinaldi). Is this true?”

Lady Meepers listens to you.

You say, “Raise your hand if this is the impression you’ve been given?”

Maddog Madalina shakes her head, “I was told by seveal that was only Xena affiliated,”

Bjorn raises his strong right hand.

OOC — Maddog Madalina says, “Can’t type ..sleep deprivation”

Neith raises her slender right hand.

Baronetess Morven raises her manicured right hand, “I have heard it recently, but it was never my understanding before now.”

Commander Roofus shakes his head, “Never heard that before.”

Lady Meepers says to you, “Not a mafia….was told it was just loyal to the Rins.”

You say, “There is a lot of gray area in the source material so I think people have drawn their own conclusions over the years.”

Baronetess Morven shrugs, “I always thought they were kind of socially ambiguous, eh, I mean neutral.”

Maddog Madalina says, ” I was told a previous owner that Xena was affiliated to the Rin but herself.”

OOC — Maddog Madalina says, “By***”

You say, “So, to answer the question, the Sailors Guild are an independent guild. They are not beholden to any entity.”

Maddog Madalina nods understandingly.

Commander Roofus nods surely.

You say, “They are a VP guild which means they have a backstory in the source material and they are expected to be played within the constraints of the source material.”

Bjorn nods.

Commander Roofus nods followingly.

You say, “Madalina is the leader but she does not own the guild. She has a VP boss (staff) that she has to answer to at the end of the day.”

You say, “The same was true with Xena.”

Maddog Madalina asks you, “Where can I locate all of that ?…Am I able to?”

Esquire Faust walks in.

Esquire Faust pops himself into an entrance hall of the Sailors Guild Hall.

Esquire Faust breathes again.

Lady Meepers waves to Esquire Faust.

Lady Meepers listens to you.

You say, “Xena was allegedly loyal to the Rinaldi and it was cool for the Rinaldi that they had a Sailors Guild alliance.”

You say, “But this did not mean that the Sailors Guild were owned by the Rinaldi. Does this all make sense so far?”

Bjorn nods.

Baronetess Morven nods, “Right.”

Maddog Madalina nods.

Lady Meepers nods to you.

Commander Roofus nods.

Esquire Faust asks you, “What is Sailor’s Guild? Who is Sailor’s Guild? When is Sailor’s Guild? Why is Sailor’s Guild?”

Maddog Madalina sighs at Esquire Faust.

Lady Meepers peeks at Esquire Faust amusedly.

You say, “It is (should be) common knowledge in game though people are free to have conspiracy theories regarding Rinaldi ties or what have you.”

Lady Meepers grins, “Makes it more fun.”

Lady Meepers plots.

Maddog Madalina asks Esquire Faust, “Does the situation of a certain noble continously arguing the fact , out of the blue, that they are owned by their house?”

Bjorn says, “That I thought was the point :)”

Maddog Madalina coughs, “Fall under that conspiracry*”

Maddog Madalina means you.

OOC — Maddog Madalina says, “I succk tonight”

OOC — Esquire Faust says to Maddog Madalina, “Ooooh, go on?”

OOC — Maddog Madalina says, “I can’t deal with myself tonight. Jeez.”

Lady Meepers pets Maddog Madalina.

You say, “The Sailors Guild would BENEFIT from remaining neutral or APPEARING neutral because they make more money when EVERY trade nation is willing to pay them to ship goods (and this is a bluebooked understanding)”

Baronetess Morven idly notes StoryBuilder Alchera’s pale red parchment Bisclavret brochure.

Esquire Faust nods, “Playing all ends against he middle.”

You say to Maddog Madalina, “It could be the nobles are genuinely confused, the players are confused, or the nobles are trying to strongarm the Sailors.”

Maddog Madalina nods at you.

OOC — Commander Roofus says to Lady Meepers, “Pass me one?”

Lady Meepers listens to you.

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Maddog Madalina, “That becomes he said she said rumor milling if one noble of many nobles working for a trade embassy that answers to an umbrella nation is claiming something that can’t be proven true or false, yes?”

Maddog Madalina agrees with StoryBuilder Topsy, “True.”

OOC — Lady Meepers says, “Mine all mine!”

Baronetess Morven shrugs, “or other elements in the game are trying to convince the nobles to strongarm the sailors for their own ends.”

Lady Meepers blinks at StoryBuilder Topsy.

Commander Roofus wonders curiously, “So would the sailors guild be needed for import items.”

You say, “It can be debated IG who needs the other more but the fact is everyone needs everyone to some extent.”

Maddog Madalina nods at Commander Roofus, “We can get things others cant, even still. Or better trades.”

Maddog Madalina adds, “I think.”

Lady Meepers nods to you, “Yep.”

Commander Roofus nods to Maddog Madalina thankingly.

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Commander Roofus then, “According to source…Triskellian is THE trade capital of the entire continent for the sole fact that they have a shipping port.”

Commander Roofus thanks StoryBuilder Topsy.

StoryBuilder Topsy continues to Commander Roofus, “The Rinaldi and Bisclavret were like two seconds away from war with each other because Bisc started using Port Spar as a trading city importing goods from other nations and thus competing directly with Triskellian.”

Commander Roofus listens to StoryBuilder Topsy, “Interesting, I had no idea.”

Maddog Madalina nods at Commander Roofus, “Me either.”

Lady Meepers blinks at StoryBuilder Topsy.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “And as a way to avoid said war, the Bisc agreed to operate as a pass-through and thus selling high price Letters of Marque, which turned Port Spar into the greedy crime ridden port that it is today.”

Commander Roofus nods followingly.

Maddog Madalina asks StoryBuilder Topsy, “What are the current conditions of the Sailor’s ships? I went through the forums and found a few names of supposed ships. I wasn’t sure how to correctly roleplay Maddy runing a boat with the crew, or even if she’s allowed to call her self a captain.”

Lady Meepers nods, “So that is where the muggers come in.”

StoryBuilder Topsy shakes her head at Lady Meepers, “Nope.”

StoryBuilder Topsy assures Lady Meepers, “That is a different story for a different day.”

Lady Meepers tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “I like history lessons.”

Maddog Madalina agrees with Lady Meepers.

StoryBuilder Topsy shifts her nefarious glitter gold eyes, “Okay I will explain muggers again but can I first explain the houses and how they work in theory to help everyone understand how players can effect story vs the truth of the source material?”

Maddog Madalina nods.

Commander Roofus nods surely.

Baronetess Morven nods.

Lady Meepers nods to StoryBuilder Topsy, “Please this is interesting.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Okay so…the ‘Houses’ as we see them in game are embassies. And trade embassies at that. EVEN the Rinaldi ‘house’.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “But the VP Guild Houses you can all join are -trade embassies- and not like, the entire Nation of the (insert house name)”

Lady Meepers nods to StoryBuilder Topsy.

Commander Roofus listens interestedly.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “It’s like the usage of the word embassy today…so yes the American embassy in Paris France can be representative of the American interests abroad…they are not actually AMERICA.”

Esquire Faust admits, “It IS a little bit weird to have a Rinaldi Embassy in a Rinaldi city….”

StoryBuilder Topsy nods to Esquire Faust, “Because the house that you are all in is a trade embassy…it’s like the office of trade.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “So like in a corporate setting…CEO = Duke.”

Lady Meepers considers, “So Kilana is like the CEO?”

StoryBuilder Topsy points to Esquire Faust, “And Ambassador Kilana is the President of Aquisitions and Trades.”

StoryBuilder Topsy shakes her head at Lady Meepers, “Nope. Because the embassy is just one tiny arm of the Nation of the Rinaldi.”

Esquire Faust shifts his large malachite eyes, “Can’t we just… use those names/titles?”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Overseeing trade.”

Esquire Faust tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “CEO = Don.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Basically…the leader of the trade embassy is just one person in an office with a small team of people to help with their ‘job’ of ensuring international trade continues and is profitable.”

Esquire Faust says, “Kilana = President (or Director) of Trade.”

Lady Meepers nods to StoryBuilder Topsy.

Neith nods too.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Back at home, he or she is just a part of a HUGE puzzle of people that all come together in the interests of the nation as a whole.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “So everyone in Trisk can hang around the water cooler and be friendly with the other trade people trying to make money for their OWN companies.”

Esquire Faust understands StoryBuilder Topsy entirely.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “But…Coke and Pepsi are still arch nemesis.”

Maddog Madalina giggles.

Baronetess Morven says, “Coke is Pepsi’s arch nemesis, and they are arch enemies.”

Baronetess Morven says, “And I do not like either one of them.”

You grin at Baronetess Morven.

Lady Meepers peeks at StoryBuilder Topsy, “How did this turn to Coke and Pepsi.”

Esquire Faust squints at Baronetess Morven, “I no longer trust you.”

Maddog Madalina coughs, “#teammrpibb.”

Baronetess Morven shrugs, “Sorry, mate.”

Esquire Faust tells Lady Meepers, “In this analogy, Coke is Rinaldi, Pepsi is Biscuits.”

StoryBuilder Alchera says, “Focus please. :)”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Rebecca the head of promotions for Coke is a really sweet girl and Suellen the head of advertising for Pepsi are buddies and take lunch together and hang out….but they are still working for opposite sides in the big picture.”

Maddog Madalina asks, “Like a nonromantic romeo and juliet?”

Lady Meepers nods to StoryBuilder Topsy.

Esquire Faust says, “Two competing companies in the same industry. They both want people to buy SODA POP, but they only want people to buy THEIR soda pop. Rin Embassy and Biscuit Embassy both want people to trade with Triskellian, but they want to people to trade with Triskellian THROUGH their Embassy.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “And Suellen and Rebecca will never be able to make Coke and Pepsi decide to magically merge into one conglomerate of carbonated beverages as they dance away into the sunset together.”

StoryBuilder Topsy nods to Esquire Faust, “Exactly that.”

Esquire Faust crinkles his impish face, “Those falvour profiles would never combine well.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “MaryJane Doloreaux and Annie Avoirdupois can be chill buddies and have tea together every Thursday…but that will never change the fact that the Avoirdupois and the Doloreaux nations are literally killing each other every single day.”

Esquire Faust allows you to hand him.

You approach Esquire Faust.

You hand your gold star sticker to Esquire Faust.

Maddog Madalina laughs.

Lady Meepers grins at Esquire Faust, “Wear it on your forehead.”

Commander Roofus grins at you.

Esquire Faust says, “So, competing with each other, but not FIGHTING each other. Very cold war-esque, trying to get the upper hand without open hostilities. Escalating and one-upping. Doesn’t mean there can’t be occasional alliances, or even intermarrying (gasp!), ESPECIALLY when you complicate things by adding Nestle (Avoir) and… …. Budweiser (Dolo) and extend it from “Cola Wars” to “Beverage Battles”.”

Esquire Faust shifts his large malachite eyes, “… to further out analogy.”

Esquire Faust examines his gold star sticker.

Esquire Faust says, “Oooh.”

Esquire Faust scratches his gold star sticker.

The scent of rotten eggs emanates from Esquire Faust’s gold star sticker.

Baronetess Morven applauds Bjorn.

StoryBuilder Cosmo laughs.

Esquire Faust gags, “Why Roo?!? Why???”

StoryBuilder Alchera snickers at you.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “You have to always remember that the every day going-ons of the city are very small scale when compared to the big picture…the big picture of the world is that the embassy is a tiny part of a HUGE nation.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “You might think that a Count or Countess is the bee’s knees holy grail of highest ranked people ever but that is only because that is the highest ranked PLAYER.”

Esquire Faust says, “Triskellian is VERY IMPORTANT since it is the trade hub of the entire continent. It is due to this that the game is based here (and what makes our characters, you know, MATTER), but it is not THE MOST IMPORTANT, and it is not THE ONLY IMPORTANT.”

Esquire Faust grins, “International politics at its finest.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “In the big picture he or she is meh…I can recall her name but…there are dozens of people higher ranked in the big picture.”

Esquire Faust plays with StoryBuilder Topsy, “Oh, who? Countess Kilana? I may have heard of her, I think. Doesn’t she do something or other in Triskellian?”

StoryBuilder Topsy nods to Esquire Faust, “Yep…this is a snapshot from your POV, in a huggggggeeeeeee world with a lot of very complicated political webs going on.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “So to bring it full circle…”

Esquire Faust grins at StoryBuilder Topsy, “Your characters mean nothing in the world and will amount to no change. GO back to your pitiful existences?”

StoryBuilder Topsy points to Maddog Madalina, “Yeah some low level noble dude can say all he wants about how his boss owns y’all…but his boss’ boss’ boss doesn’t even know that dude’s name.”

Maddog Madalina nods at StoryBuilder Topsy.

Esquire Faust approaches Maddog Madalina.

Esquire Faust nudges Maddog Madalina, “IE, play politics, luv.”

You say to Esquire Faust, “If the Avo start having weekly hand holding sessions with the Dolo, it will not change t he big picture that those two nations hate each other.”

Esquire Faust nods to you, “They just happen to have Embassies in Triskellian that are getting along at the moment.”

Lady Meepers says, “Ok and the muggers?”

Esquire Faust supposes, “Unless “pressure from on high” demands that they cut that shit out (which really only makes sense if it’s unprofitable?)”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “one sec yeah.”

Esquire Faust rubs his stubby hands together, “Business models! Profits run the world of ICO!”

Lady Meepers glances at Esquire Faust, “Your scary.”

Esquire Faust winks at Lady Meepers, “I’m savvy.”

Countess Kilana arrives through the southwest door.

Esquire Faust says, “Oh, who? Countess Kilana? I may have heard of her, I think. Doesn’t she do something or other in Triskellian?”

Esquire Faust realizes about Countess Kilana, “…. awk~ward.”

Maddog Madalina grins, “Speak of the devil, she shall appear.”

Countess Kilana shifts her wide rose eyes (in Akoman), “I should hope so”

Maddog Madalina blinks at Countess Kilana.

Countess Kilana grunts, “I should hope so.”

Neith points to Countess Kilana, “She did it.”

Lady Meepers tells Countess Kilana, “You do and you will clean it up.”

Countess Kilana huffs, “Darn, I’ve been caught.”

Lady Meepers grins at Countess Kilana.

Lady Meepers peeks at Countess Kilana, Esquire Faust, Bjorn, you, Commander Roofus, Neith, Baronetess Morven, Maddog Madalina, StoryBuilder Cosmo, StoryBuilder Topsy and StoryBuilder Alchera.

You say, “We essentially want you guys to feel free to make conflict. The nations have personality traits that conflict with each other… on purpose.”

Esquire Faust grins at you.

You say, “Be controversial, make enemies, plot against each other. It’s all in good fun.”

Lady Meepers grins at you, “You like a good conflict don’t you.”

Countess Kilana moves from the southwest door to a lightning blue strong cotton hammock.

Countess Kilana lies down on a lightning blue strong cotton hammock.

Esquire Faust nods, “Don’t take actions against CHARACTERS as actions against PLAYERS. We’re all here to play politics and tell stories.”

Countess Kilana enjoys your voice.

Neith thanks Esquire Faust, “Thank you for saying that.”

Baronetess Morven says, “And conversely, do not take OOC issues IC.”

Countess Kilana lifts her slender hands to Esquire Faust’s words, “Preach it!”

Esquire Faust points at Baronetess Morven.

Esquire Faust points again at Baronetess Morven.

You nod to Baronetess Morven, “Yes.”

Esquire Faust points thrice at Baronetess Morven.

StoryBuilder Topsy cheers.

The southwest door closes.

You hear a man cackling from the southwest door.

Countess Kilana points at Baronetess Morven, “Preach that too.”

Lucky Luciano arrives.

Lucky Luciano gasps.

StoryBuilder Cosmo snickers.

Lucky Luciano says, “Busted.”

Countess Kilana wiggles her fingertips at Lucky Luciano, “Trisk’s favorite villain.”

Esquire Faust grins at Lucky Luciano, “You been staff’d.”

Lady Meepers cheers Lucky Luciano.

Esquire Faust grumps at Countess Kilana’s words, “I used to have that title.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Exactly that tho…it’s a game MADE to inspire conflict between groups…not conflicts between players.”

Baronetess Morven glances askance at Lucky Luciano’s pair of metallic gold linen underdrawers.

Baronetess Morven shrugs, “I am just wondering why his drawers are like, all out there, man.”

Lucky Luciano says, “LAyers fail.”

Esquire Faust catcalls at Lucky Luciano’s pair of metallic gold linen underdrawers.

Lucky Luciano says, “Plus its fun to show em off.”

Lucky Luciano says, “Like a superhero.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “If you have a hankering to fight about something…you can find a group to join that has at LEAST two other groups that they don’t like for source-supported reasons.”

Baronetess Morven thanks StoryBuilder Topsy, “Something that is very important to remember. So, I appreciate you reminding us.”

You say, “Does anyone have any questions so far?”

Esquire Faust notes to StoryBuilder Topsy, “Or you can just make a whole new guild to beef with ANYONE you want.”

You say, “Besides about muggers. We’ll get to that.”

Countess Kilana asks an entrance hall of the Sailors Guild Hall, “I’m a little late to this party, but I just have one question. Sailors independent, yes or no?”

StoryBuilder Topsy grins at Esquire Faust, “Free the beef!!”

Neith tells Countess Kilana, “Yes.”

You nod to Countess Kilana, “Independent, yes.”

Esquire Faust asks you, “What is Sailor’s Guild? Who is Sailor’s Guild? When is Sailor’s Guild? Why is Sailor’s Guild?”

Lady Meepers says to you, “Yea were do the Muggers come in.”

Countess Kilana nods appreciatively to you.

Maddog Madalina sighs at Esquire Faust again.

Baronetess Morven glances sideways at Lady Meepers, “Not all fixated.”

Maddog Madalina tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “i will ask my questions later.”

StoryBuilder Topsy answers Esquire Faust, “A group of sailors joining together. It’s like Union Workers.”

Lady Meepers says to Baronetess Morven, “I am a cat we are single minded.”

Valeria arrives.

Baronetess Morven laughs at Lady Meepers.

Lady Meepers grins at Baronetess Morven.

Lady Meepers waves to Valeria.

Valeria waves to an entrance hall of the Sailors Guild Hall.

Lucky Luciano meows at Lady Meepers sexily.

StoryBuilder Topsy tells Lady Meepers, “Okay muggers…I’ll keep it brief lol.”

Esquire Faust sticks out his tongue at StoryBuilder Topsy.

Lucky Luciano cheers, “Muggers gonna charge nobles more?!”

Lady Meepers listens to StoryBuilder Topsy.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Muggers are not a huge conspiracy theory or group of thugs headed by some unknown crime boss infiltrating the city sewer by sewer.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “NOT THAT.”

Lucky Luciano says, “le sigh.”

Esquire Faust says, “Just poor people trying to get by?”

Valeria listens to StoryBuilder Topsy.

Lady Meepers listens to StoryBuilder Topsy.

Lady Meepers says to Esquire Faust, “And who like beating up on you.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Muggers are a flavor element put in place to help players understand that Docktown is NOT a ghost town…Docktown is populated by literally THOUSANDS of the poorest of the poor from every single corner of the continent flooding to Triskellian with the hope of some work and some money only to find that like a couple thousand other unskilled workers also had that same idea, so in order to make ends meet and put a little food or drank in their belly, they do some shady shit to get a few coins.”

Maddog Madalina ahhs at StoryBuilder Topsy.

Esquire Faust notes to Lady Meepers, “If you’re on death’s door, the fight seems worthwhile. You win, you get their money. You lose, you were going to die anyway. Asking first helps, cause if you get money, then you don’t have to beat anyone up.”

Lucky Luciano listens.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Source material states that an average worker, a stevedore…makes exactly 2 denar a day hard labor.”

Lady Meepers tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “I have plany of work for them to do.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Can guarantee y’all most of you are making close to a months wages a day.”

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Lady Meepers, “Not all one thousand of them, sorry.”

Esquire Faust grins at Lady Meepers, “Not for all fifty thousands of them, you don’t.”

Esquire Faust glances at StoryBuilder Topsy.

Lady Meepers hears an echo.

Lucky Luciano gigglesnorts at StoryBuilder Topsy’s words.

Lucky Luciano clarifies, “There are 50k muggers jumping people?”

Lady Meepers nods to StoryBuilder Topsy.

Lucky Luciano says, “Or 50k poor people. Bc most poor people aren’t muggers.”

Esquire Faust points out, “The PCs are the rare few who show up and GET the jobs that people like Meepers are offering. The NPCs are all the thousands of bereft, abandoned, non-important masses.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Docktown is overcrowded, overpopulated, underfunded and hundreds more people are flocking there every single day.”

Esquire Faust winks at Lucky Luciano, “I said 50k. I was being hyperbolic, and also am not Staff >_>”

Lucky Luciano prepares his iron rapier for Esquire Faust.

Baronetess Morven tisks at Esquire Faust.

Lucky Luciano winks charmingly at Esquire Faust.

You allow Esquire Faust to hide StoryHost Roo.

Esquire Faust moves from Maddog Madalina to StoryHost Roo.

Esquire Faust hides behind you.

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Lady Meepers then, “You are a noble and a guild owner…you’re strong upper middle class.”

Lady Meepers grins at StoryBuilder Topsy, “Ok thank you.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Yeah you can hire a lot of people…you have a lot of people working for you.”

You pat Esquire Faust’s head.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “But for every penniless seamstress you hire to darn a sock (represented by a guild seamstress token) there are probably at least another 500 more girls with a sewing needle in hand sitting on a street corner crying because she can’t find a job and her baby is hungry.”

Lady Meepers says to StoryBuilder Topsy, “I understand now.”

Esquire Faust grins, “PCs aren’t THE ENTIRE DEMOGRAPHIC of the city. They are the SELECT demographic of “movers-and-shakers and policy-makers”, they are the “important main characters”.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “So her husband gets desperate.”

Commander Roofus listens mostly.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “And then you walk along in your gold underpanties with jewelry and bangles and silk clothes and he’s like “Ah helll naw” and he clocks you on the jaw and takes two coins to buy a damned slice of bread.”

Countess Kilana murmurs mostly to herself, “I feel so bad for not giving them my coin now..”

Esquire Faust says, “Mmm bread.”

Lady Meepers tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “All right, now I feel guilty.”

Esquire Faust doesn’t. Dirty filthy commoners.

Lady Meepers lowers her velvety pointed ears.

Esquire Faust is definitely Rin.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Docktown is not the 3 people hotspotted at the West Commons.”

Maddog Madalina shrugs, “I like how they bled.”

OOC — Maddog Madalina says, “Bleeddd”

Esquire Faust snorts at Maddog Madalina.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Docktown is thousands of people.”

Lady Meepers agrees with Countess Kilana.

Lucky Luciano says, “…attacks indiscriminately and gets himself killed over 2 coins, leaving his desparate wife and kids behind.”

Lady Meepers tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “Your going to have us all crying in a moment.”

Esquire Faust notes to Lucky Luciano, “No one said desperate equals smart.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo agrees with Lady Meepers.

Maddog Madalina asks, “Why can’t we take money off them like the place before three corners?”

You say, “This might shed light on Guild Council versus embassies. The Guild Council wants to fight for the rights of the hard working laborers in town. They want common folks to have jobs so they don’t have to resort to desperate measures. How do you think they would respond to embassies profiting from hiring crafters?”

Esquire Faust supposes, “The fact that they GOT to that desperate state probably means they AREN’T smart. All the smart people are PCs.”

StoryBuilder Topsy tells Lady Meepers, “You are a tiny tiny piece of a huge puzzle. It’s like saying “I can cure world hunger because I make $100K a year.”

Lady Meepers approaches StoryBuilder Cosmo.

Lady Meepers cries on StoryBuilder Cosmo’s spiked, blue scaled right shoulder.

Lady Meepers rubs her face, “Forgot about the spikes.”

Lady Meepers listens to you.

StoryBuilder Topsy nods to you, “Exactly!”

Lady Meepers tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “You depressed me.”

Lady Meepers sniffs.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Guild Council is trying to bring a brighter future to working class…Guilds are the only reason a middle class exists! People without means and without noble titles can now OWN something and make money and higher workers and create a future.”

Valeria listens to StoryBuilder Topsy.

Esquire Faust teases Lady Meepers, “You’re a terrible noble. Where’s your icy heart of self-importance and disdain for the filthy masses who are messing up your views?”

StoryBuilder Topsy shifts her nefarious glitter gold eyes, “And then half the guilds are owned by nobles and most of the crafters join houses.”

Maddog Madalina admits, “I wish we could buy actual homes.”

Countess Kilana shifts her wide rose eyes, “Meepers and Kill started from the bottom. They know all about desperate times.”

Commander Roofus agrees with Maddog Madalina.

Lady Meepers tells Esquire Faust, “I was one of those Filthy commoners.”

Maddog Madalina includes herself, “Not a noble ,but same.”

Esquire Faust says, “Really, a Noble shouldn’t BE in a Guild. They should be in Houses. Guilds are BELOW nobles. You could PATRON a guild, but actually LEADING one? Pfft, get outta here.”

Lady Meepers nods to Countess Kilana.

Esquire Faust says, “That’s what the commoners are for.”

StoryBuilder Topsy points to Esquire Faust, “MVP.”

Lady Meepers pffts.

Maddog Madalina purses her rosebud lips at Esquire Faust thoughtfully.

Lucky Luciano listens to an entrance hall of the Sailors Guild Hall.

You say, “Not saying it’s bad roleplay for embassies to hire crafters and profit… money is power, right?”

Lucky Luciano cattily stretches his short ragged claws.

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Countess Kilana and Lady Meepers, “And you guys also have the burden of realising that your story is NOT the norm.”

Esquire Faust nudges you, “I’d like to explore more of that “patronizing” aspect of Guilds in the system, actually. With a noble have an incentive to “step back” and feed income to guilds they support, more than just an RP’d incentive since apparently that hasn’t been working.”

Countess Kilana says, “What about those like Faith, who’ve gained rank through loyalty and was never in the actual Embassy?”

Commander Roofus tells you, “Now I have wolves of walstreet stuck in my head.”

You say to Esquire Faust, “Maybe the next meeting can be about that!”

Esquire Faust cheers you.

Lady Meepers peeks at StoryBuilder Topsy.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Of the thousands of people and hordes of ‘tired and hungry and poor’ storming the banks of the city…two made a huge climb in status through marriage and political alliances and well-played hands with a sprinkling of luck and made it out.”

Esquire Faust says, “The lack of a Guild Council, and the lack of strong guild leaders with backbones to stand up to the nobles, is one of my big complaints about the current game-state.”

Esquire Faust winks at Maddog Madalina.

Lucky Luciano gasps at Esquire Faust.

Lady Meepers hides behind StoryBuilder Cosmo.

Maddog Madalina squints at Esquire Faust.

Lucky Luciano says, “Lucky is a pariah for standing up to nobles.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “2 out of thousandSSSSS emphasis on the plural.”

Esquire Faust tisks at Lucky Luciano, “You’re just a brute.”

Lucky Luciano says, “Trueeeee.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Look at those odds.”

Lady Meepers says to StoryBuilder Cosmo, “What did I start?”

Lucky Luciano tells Esquire Faust, “And people hate to RP conflict.”

Esquire Faust admits to Lucky Luciano, “Really, you should be a hero of the common people. HATED by Nobles, perhaps, but the commoners should be all “HECK YEAH! That Lucky ain’t afraid of those stuck-up stick-in-the-arse nobles!”.”

Lady Meepers fixes StoryBuilder Cosmo’s long zodiacal strewn starry night hair.

Bjorn shifts quietly, “Back…. thanks for not throwing me out ;D.”

Lucky Luciano confirms to Esquire Faust satisfiedly, “I like you now.”

Neith says, “I need to lie down sorry having pain issues.”

StoryBuilder Topsy nods to Lucky Luciano, “Lucky is fighting the good fight against nobles…and then nobles come hang out in Docktown flaunting their flashy gold underpanties and literally a lifetime’s worth of income in jewelry.”

Neith waves.

Esquire Faust shrugs, “But the game has way too much, currently, of a focus on noble-advancement, and no focus on commoner advancement. The power-base is SUPER imbalanced to favour Nobility and Houses currently.”

Neith moves from an oak desk to the southwest door.

Countess Kilana confesses to Esquire Faust and Lucky Luciano, “I love to RP conflict. I avoid it like the plague in RL, but in game is an entirely different story.”

Countess Kilana waves to Neith.

Valeria waves to Neith.

Neith shifts her owlish grey blue eyes, “Can someone shoot me back somewhere.”

Lucky Luciano quotes Esquire Faust, “For truth.”

Maddog Madalina agrees with Esquire Faust.

Esquire Faust grins, “Which is ironic. Years ago, it was completely the other way and the Guilds were walking all over the Houses…”

Neith leaves.

Lady Meepers tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “Lucky has the gold underwear.”

Maddog Madalina agrees with Esquire Faust again.

Valeria quietly listens.

StoryBuilder Cosmo pausingly asks Valeria, Lady Meepers, Esquire Faust, Commander Roofus, Lucky Luciano, Countess Kilana, Bjorn, you, Baronetess Morven, Maddog Madalina, StoryBuilder Topsy and StoryBuilder Alchera, “Anyone else wanna head somewhere not here?”

Esquire Faust nudges you, “You’ve kinda got the Inter-House conflict down pretty good, but the Houses-Council conflict is lackluster at best.”

Maddog Madalina shrugs at StoryBuilder Cosmo.

Commander Roofus shakes his head, “Love the learning.”

Countess Kilana shrugs her toned left shoulder, “They have the same opportunities in commoner advancement as they do with nobles or military.”

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Esquire Faust, “You weren’t around for Lothario…lol.”

Lady Meepers tells StoryBuilder Cosmo, “You need conditioner.”

Esquire Faust admits, “Which, actually, is hard for Staff to control, because power-base stuff like that lies entirely in “what are the players RPing and focusing on currently”…”

Esquire Faust shakes his head to StoryBuilder Topsy, “I was not, you are correct.”

StoryBuilder Topsy shifts her nefarious glitter gold eyes, “I was accused of trying to inspire riots by reminding people what the Council -was- lol.”

Esquire Faust sighs, “I miss Zeiss.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo shakes her hard head at Countess Kilana, “I think what they’re trying to say is they dont see the benefit to it, other than RP?”

Esquire Faust shifts his large malachite eyes, “Except he was hated by the Council AND the Houses….”

Countess Kilana ahhs at StoryBuilder Cosmo’s words.

Lady Meepers tells Esquire Faust, “But it was one of those characters you love to hate.”

You nod to Esquire Faust, “The favor/promotion system needs some tweaks for sure. We (staff) were talking about that not long ago. We’re not really pleased with how quickly advancements are happening.”

Countess Kilana meeps at your words.

Kilana drinks malt whiskey from her black crystal tumbler of malt whiskey.

Lucky Luciano agrees with you.

Lady Meepers peeks at you.

You say, “Unfortunately we can’t force people to roleplay their patron/protege relationships or to use @favor as a reward instead of an obligation. It’s our job to figure out the balance though. We have some ideas.”

Commander Roofus wonders to you, “Will guilds ever be able to have promotions or ranks? Or is that a dumb question.”

Esquire Faust admits to you, “I don’t think the speed of advancement is a HUGE problem? I mean, overall, rewarding active players is a good thing and incentivizes BEING active. If it’s too slow, people will feel bogged and quit, if it’s too fast, it won’t MEAN anything. I think a bigger problem is people look at the promotions system IN GENERAL is that people look and they INTUITIVELY understand noble rank, but Council and other Commoner rank stuff is another language.”

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Commander Roofus, “Guild Council has it’s own favor system.”

Commander Roofus thanks StoryBuilder Topsy.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “It’s like notoriety for commoners…it represents your influence and income and essentially your ‘reach’ as a peoples-person.”

Baronetess Morven nods to StoryBuilder Topsy, “Right, but the last guild council meeting had a quorum of one, and that was Morven.”

Esquire Faust says, “Plus, there are system/staff supported things for House advancement and play. Starting your own guild is…. it’s hard to justify? “Why spend money to start my own guild, and have to do all the work myself, and get no promotions, when I could join a house, get promotions, and it’s all already set up for me?”.”

Baronetess Morven shrugs, “And she was just there as a representative of the Bisc, so….how do we get that jump started?”

Esquire Faust wrinkles his small nose at Baronetess Morven, “A Baronetess? On the GUILD council.”

StoryBuilder Topsy nods to Baronetess Morven surely, “It’s a really rough road to tread. There are how many active ‘guilds’ right now? Three?”

You nod to Esquire Faust, “I understand all those points and agree.”

Lucky Luciano answers, “Open enrollment for guild council!”

Bjorn says, “speaking of the council…. are they existant? The houses are on a level of their own with similiar goals but the council is really the city and should be the -arch enemy- of the houses and champions of hte people.”

Lucky Luciano says, “Get some baddies on there, who are EMPLOYERS of the DESPERATE!”

You say to Lucky Luciano, “That’s not a bad idea >.>”

Esquire Faust pouts at Lucky Luciano, “GODS I miss Zeiss…..”

Lucky Luciano says, “Create rivalry and conflict within the Guild Council. Then people will show up meetings.”

Lucky Luciano mutters, “Instead of banning anyone who doesn’t play nice with Houses.”

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Lucky Luciano, “Ahhh but they both NEED each other.”

Esquire Faust warns Lucky Luciano, “Causing strife IN the Guild Council just distracts the Council from their true enemies: The Houses.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “So tread carefully as with any faction we have represented lol.”

Baronetess Morven agrees with StoryBuilder Topsy.

Lucky Luciano says, “There needs to be voices iwthin the GC reminded them they aren’t Houses pawns.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “The Guild Council only makes money when the Houses are importing things and people are selling things.”

Lucky Luciano says, “hell, GC just authorized building all kinds of new Docktown shops. Abandoning their people in Docktown?”

OOC — Lucky Luciano says, “Newtown shops”

Bjorn says, “until the guilds decide to band together and really activate the council, they will get no where and the houses will continue to usurp their power.”

Maddog Madalina states, “I have to log, i hope thats ok.”

Esquire Faust says, “Again, part of the problem, as I see it, is that Houses (read; Embassies) have that “greater world” backing of the ACTUAL HOUSE NATIONS. What “backing” does the GC have to lean on when pressured by the Embassies?”

Kilana waves to Maddog Madalina.

You say to Lucky Luciano, “Abandoning Docktown or invading Newtown?”

Commander Roofus approaches Maddog Madalina.

Commander Roofus hugs Maddog Madalina, “Night.”

Maddog Madalina waves exhaustedly.

Esquire Faust moves from StoryHost Roo to Maddog Madalina.

Esquire Faust hugs Maddog Madalina too, “Nighty-night.”

Valeria waves to Maddog Madalina, “Take care!”

Maddog Madalina hugs everyone.

Lucky Luciano tells you, “That sounds like a stretch.”

Baronetess Morven pecks Maddog Madalina’s right cheek.

Lucky Luciano waves to Maddog Madalina.

Lady Meepers waves to Maddog Madalina.

StoryBuilder Topsy answers Esquire Faust, “The Guild Council was created by the Don…for the Don and their purpose is to levy all those taxes and fees you see. And they use that money for the benefit of the people.”

Lady Meepers gets hair on everything.

Bjorn says to Esquire Faust, “supplies, workers, increased theft, increased assault against house member, raised prices on common goods, etc….”

StoryBuilder Topsy tells Lucky Luciano, “And Roo makes a really good point about the perspective of abandoning vs invading.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Houses could give two shits about what the Council does in Newtown because that is a Rinaldi thing. BUT.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Nobles are crapping in their pants right now.”

You glance at Kilana’s pair of black broadcloth pants.

Esquire Faust nods to StoryBuilder Topsy, “The Don, yes….. Who is Rinaldi. So, that a bit circumvents the whole “Enemy of the Houses” thing, since that kinda sorta makes the Council a Rin-aligned entity..?”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Because allllll those pithy workers and laborers and people who are TRYING to make a living without mugging people.”

Bjorn disagrees with StoryBuilder Topsy.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Are now moving into their neck of the woods.”

Kilana peeks at her pair of black broadcloth pants.

Lucky Luciano tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “You can tell us that’s the case but it doesn’t match whats happening IC RP.”

Kilana shifts her wide rose eyes, “I won’t how long I’ve been wearing the wrong pants.”

Lucky Luciano says, “Nobles aren’t crapping their pants.”

OOC — Lady Meepers will be away from her keyboard, “BRB”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “And I can only try to remind people how the source material says it.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “I can’t make people RP a certain way.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “I can only make suggestions.”

Bjorn says, “The houses should be happy that the GC seems to be in decline and would like it to stay there…. one less opponent particularly one that can fight differently than the other hosues.”

Esquire Faust points at Bjorn, “That would be great, but again, it’s not reflected IG.”

Lucky Luciano nods fairly.

Esquire Faust says, “The problem with the GC being on the decline is… uh… well, there’s the muggers, for one.”

Esquire Faust shifts his large malachite eyes.

Lucky Luciano says, “I just don’t think you can say on the 1 hand, there are thousands of desparate Docktowners and on the other hand, the GC (which we were just told looks out for said poor people) is building shiny new shops in Newtown.”

Esquire Faust says, “There has to be a way to make the GC and the Houses HAVE to exist in a symbiotic relationship. Right now, the lack of a GC doesn’t mean two tailshakes to the Houses, and they have NO incentive to bother wanting it to come back.”

Bjorn glances to Esquire Faust, “Those were quick thoughts… I am sure that there are ways in which the GC could start to make life painful for the houses. I am sure the staff would entertain well thought out ideas.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “And that is where we have had the huge issues of reinforcing source when it flies in the face of the status quo.”

Bjorn agrees with Faust’s last statement.

Lucky Luciano says, “If GC was “for the people” then it’d at least create some resistance and RP with Houses. Especially if GC could wrestle crafters away from Houses, for example.”

Esquire Faust says, “Nobles should be all “Crap. Guild Council sucks, but things are WORSE without them. We have to keep them around and in power, but IN CHECK.” and then BAM!, politics. Give-and-take.”

You say, “I’m sure if the council was thriving and expanding in the way that was envisioned, it would be a different story. But if it’s not being reflected IG that way then that definitely falls on the shoulders of the council.”

You say, “ICly.”

StoryBuilder Topsy nods to Esquire Faust, “Rinaldi hold the overall power over the trade city and there is a balance between HATING the other nations…and also wanting their money.”

Bjorn nods to Lucky Luciano, “Agreed… Where are the guilds for the new crafters to go? That is the big issue.”

Esquire Faust nods to StoryBuilder Topsy, “There’s inter-House balance, but no House-Council balance.”

Lucky Luciano says, “Maybe one idea is to END jack-of-all trade guilds. Force them to specialize in something.”

Bjorn agrees with Esquire Faust.

Esquire Faust says, “Again, the problem is with the current environment, where Noble houses just have the commoners working for them directly. Those are SCABS, man!”

Lucky Luciano cackles at Esquire Faust.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “If we had the player base, it would be great to have 10-15-20 different guilds all on the council.”

Esquire Faust grins, “Guild Council should be paying people like Lucky to beat up crafters who work for Houses.”

Setting ‘base:environment’ in <Chatters:IC:ro:roofus> to <Ironclaw:World:Calabria:ThreeCorners:Outdoors:Road02>.

Esquire Faust winks at Lucky Luciano.

Bjorn nods to Esquire Faust.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Instead we have like two mega guilds and 10 crafters in houses.”

Lucky Luciano nods to StoryBuilder Topsy.

Bjorn nods to StoryBuilder Topsy.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Houses don’t need crafters.”

Esquire Faust agrees, “The move to mega-guilds, while it makes sense, is actually detrimental to the game.”

Lucky Luciano says, “GC should pass law against it.”

Esquire Faust says, “Makes sense ICly.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Houses need 20 guilds all fighting for the same materials.”

Lucky Luciano says, “But the previous GC rep’s are all cozy with Houses.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo nods, “We nixed several crafting rooms from the manors to encourage Guild RP, instead of having houses overbalanced with benefits.”

StoryBuilder Topsy explains thusly, “House Bisc has how many carpenters? Like four?”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “House Bisc imports wood and no one else is competing for it.”

Lucky Luciano agrees, “That’s insane.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “They buy it from themselves for cheap.”

Baronetess Morven counts, “Three?”

Bjorn says to StoryBuilder Topsy, “One who is actually on like more than once a week.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Sell their stuff.”

Lucky Luciano says, “Lucky buys stuff up, but Houses just import more, rather than buy it from a merchant guild.”

Bjorn says, “:p.”

Esquire Faust notes to Lucky Luciano, “That’s not how it should work.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “AND the Bisc have zero votes on the council.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Imagine this alternate reality for a moment.”

OOC — Lady Meepers says, “Back”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “House Bisc has ZERO crafters.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “They sponsor a carpentry guild.”

Bjorn comments, “That brings up another point. I get my folks to import stuff all day long but if i do not have anyone to sell it to or the finishe goods, what is the point?”

StoryBuilder Cosmo listens to StoryBuilder Topsy curiously.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “There are also two rival carpentry guilds.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “All three guilds get into bidding wars over wood.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo nods recallingly.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “The higher the price of the wood…the more income the House nets.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “They get 10% of every sale afterall.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Breakeven price is 200 denar.”

Esquire Faust says, “Houses should pay to import, and sell RAW material to Guilds, who then have their artisans make it into products. The House’s profits from selling the raw material goes to importing more things, AND to buying the finished products from the Guilds. The Guild profit from selling the finished goods goes into buying more raw materials to make more stuff to sell it back again.”

Esquire Faust cheers, “Economics!”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “BUT because they also sponsor a guild…maybe that guild gets onto the council?”

Bjorn says, “and the house gets influence on the council with the guild/s they favor and/or play off each other.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Now the bisc also have a vote on the council.”

You nod to Bjorn.

You allow Esquire Faust to nudge StoryHost Roo.

Esquire Faust approaches StoryHost Roo.

Esquire Faust nudges you, “Suggestion? There needs to be a better “money sink” than just skills.”

Lucky Luciano says, “Sorry all, gotta run.”

Baronetess Morven waves to Lucky Luciano.

Lucky Luciano says, “I know this game was originally conceptualized as no-VP, but I think they’re needed if there’s really a commitment to drive and reinforce the theme.”

Kilana waves to Lucky Luciano, “Take care!”

You say to Esquire Faust, “I think we need time to absorb the feedback and then propose suggestions.”

Lucky Luciano says, “Don’t really see this sticking with only a few well-informed players.”

Baronetess Morven agrees with Lucky Luciano, “Especially when the player base is low.”

Esquire Faust whines at you, “But I have -IDEAS-!”

StoryBuilder Topsy agrees completely.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Also recall tho.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “When we bring in VPs forcing source material.”

You say, “Oh, you have a suggestion! Yes, let’s hear it.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “We get a hell of a lot of push back for trying to change the status quo.”

Lucky Luciano says, “That’s why you guys are in charge!”

You say, “We’ll try to have another one these next week on this topic. The feedback has been better than expected.”

Bjorn says, “This as a reset of what the status quo should be may help, esp with a well worded forum followup.”

You say, “It helps to know the IG perception vs staff perception.”

StoryBuilder Topsy grins at Lucky Luciano, “And we are flesh and blood people too…jussayin lol.”

Lucky Luciano says, “This was a good idea and helpful.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo agrees with you, “It’s nice.”

Lucky Luciano tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “Gimme their names and I’ll sort em out.”

Lucky Luciano winks.

Lucky Luciano waves, “Ok really gone this time.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “It’s been a slow uphill battle but I love seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.”

You say to Lucky Luciano, “Thanks for coming. If you have ideas, let us know.”

StoryBuilder Topsy approaches Lucky Luciano.

StoryBuilder Topsy hugs Lucky Luciano.

Lucky Luciano faints.

Lady Meepers nods to you, “This was helpful….but now I feel guilty being a noble.”

You say to Lady Meepers, “You shouldn’t! Your story is just as important as anyone else’s.”

Esquire Faust notes to you, “Part of the problem right now is, honestly, a supply-demand problem. There’s TOO MUCH supply and NOT ENOUGH demand. This goes for both money and for goods, problematically. Nobles are rich and can buy anything they want, yes, but… I mean what do they WANT? Other than foods, which are bought from NPCs anyway, and some weapons/armors, there ARE no perishables? Once you buy something, that’s it. So your accruing money builds up in face of an ever-stacking supply of goods that you don’t want anway. This drives prices down, which means the money you have more of now also BUYS more….”

Kilana probably agrees with Lady Meepers.

Lady Meepers pouts.

Esquire Faust tells you, “There needs to be EXPORTS, as well as IMPORTS, for starters.”

Esquire Faust says, “And there needs to be more money-pits, in the way of perishable or renewable places into which to dump money (But only necessary for those who HAVE that disposable income).”

Lady Meepers swishes her overly poofy, scarred tail.

StoryBuilder Cosmo points at Esquire Faust’s words, “What’s his face was asking about that some time ago, but I have no idea how to apply such a thing.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo snaps her slimy corpse-like fingers at Baronetess Morven, “The deer.”

Valeria snickers at StoryBuilder Cosmo, “The Elk, maybe?”

Esquire Faust says, “This, there’s less supply of goods, driving up prices, due to the exports, AND there’s less supply of money, driving up buying power, due to money-pits.”

Baronetess Morven blinks, “Deer?”

StoryBuilder Cosmo shifts her swirling supernova eyes, “Whatevs. He has horns.”

Bjorn says, “That was my idea……”

Baronetess Morven nods to Bjorn.

StoryBuilder Cosmo oohs.

Valeria points at Bjorn, “Yeah, him.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo says, “Sorry. So so sorry. I won’t tell you who I thought you were the whole time.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo just zips her blue scaled lips.

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Bjorn, “Bisc are already -exporting- because you guys are foreigners lol.”

Bjorn smirks at StoryBuilder Cosmo, “Just because you have a car, does not make you cool….. jsut saying :)”

Esquire Faust grins, “And any time there are “new buildings” or other “public works projects”, TAKE MONEY (and tokens) FROM CHARACTERS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.”

Kilana snickers at StoryBuilder Cosmo.

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Esquire Faust, “The buildings work exactly that way.”

Baronetess Morven disagrees with Bjorn, “It is a really, really cool car.”

Esquire Faust grins at StoryBuilder Topsy, “Awesome.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “All these new buildings proposed.”

Lady Meepers purrs at StoryBuilder Cosmo, “I think your cool and your car.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Need money from the Council and crafters to use materials IG to make the stuff.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo shushes blushingly, “Listen to important tooopic.”

Esquire Faust says, “Do you have the data on that? How much each building cost, how long it took for those funds/supplies to be raised? etc etc.”

Esquire Faust grins, “To determine trend items, such as if the prices are too high/too low, etc.”

Esquire Faust wiggles, “I love data.”

Lady Meepers just stares a Faust.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Guild council has a secret page that only council members can see that shows all the money raised from tolls, taxes and trading table fees.”

You say, “So to summarize.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo peeks at Esquire Faust, “Can we keep him somewhere handy?”

You say to Esquire Faust, “There is too much money IG and nothing to spend it on?”

Valeria grins at StoryBuilder Cosmo and Esquire Faust.

Bjorn tells Esquire Faust, “that is something that should be determined by the -market- Each bulding should be customizable, players should make everything and all staff should do is come in and sticky it.”

Esquire Faust admits to you, “That is my current experience with Faust, at least. I think a “State of the Game” temperature-gauge questionairre type thing would help figure that?”

StoryBuilder Topsy tells Esquire Faust, “When you go in and out of the gate and pay all that money? Council collects those monies. When there is a charge for renting a table? That goes into council kitty. When you pay a fee to import on the auctions? Council gets that money.”

Esquire Faust shifts his large malachite eyes, “Data, again.”

You say, “The Guild Council buildings are a prototype for future housing.”

Esquire Faust asks StoryBuilder Topsy, “When you say “Council”, do you mean that’s something that’s actually tracked?”

You say, “We want to eventually open up PC housing that is fully customizable to your PC’s tastes.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Yes.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “It’s a thing.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “The Council has a fixed amount of money right now.”

Baronetess Morven widens her smouldering honey-gold eyes at StoryBuilder Topsy.

Esquire Faust tisks at StoryBuilder Topsy, “It shouldn’t be.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo says, “Sooo oexcited, and nervous about that.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “So when you propose a building.”

Kilana gasps at your words, “Omg Yes.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “And they say yes….you have to get estimates.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “And then when you have that, you get money. Go over budget? Too bad so sad start a fundraiser.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Seriously tho.”

Esquire Faust asks StoryBuilder Topsy, “Where does “money” in the game “come from”? How is it injected into the economy?”

Esquire Faust flails overwhelmedly, “I have a brain full of thoughts.”

StoryBuilder Topsy maniacally shifts her nefarious glitter gold eyes, “Daily incomes.”

StoryBuilder Topsy deviously peeks at you.

You say to Esquire Faust, “Daily incomes mostly. Which will be going away (no ETA)”

StoryBuilder Cosmo grins at StoryBuilder Topsy knowingly.

StoryBuilder Topsy steeples her fingertips slowly.

Esquire Faust grins at you, “HOW do the Daily Incomes work?”

Lady Meepers purrs, “I would love to have my own house.”

Kilana agrees with Lady Meepers.

Baronetess Morven shrugs, “I would love to not get mugged when I go to take care of the plants nobody else is caring for in Docktown, but, hey, we all have to have goals.”

Esquire Faust says, “Because if they work like how I think they do, that is honesly one of the roots of the inflation problem for money (but not for item-supply)”

Lady Meepers considers, “The House of Meepers…..all fluffy rungs and lots of poofness.”

Esquire Faust grins at Baronetess Morven, “That’s called RPing. Risk-Reward calculations, in this case.”

You ask StoryBuilder Topsy, “Can you answer that? Roofus broke and I should probably fix him.”

Baronetess Morven nods to Esquire Faust, “Yes, well. She is a softie.”

You say, “brb.”

*fixing a bug so missed logging for a few minutes*

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “So we have the ‘Have’s” and the ‘have-nots’ come back.”

Esquire Faust says, “However, it’s not a very… well-designed money-pit…”

Lady Meepers nods to StoryBuilder Topsy.

Baronetess Morven nods, “And then the cost of clothes from the seamstresses…..ugh. Now, the comparisons, the costs of the lessons, the clothes….against the 2d that a stevedore makes in a week.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “You’re a noble…you got money. You will never recall a time when you didn’t.”

Lady Meepers reminds Esquire Faust, “It is but a game.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo agrees with Baronetess Morven completely, “That has inflated insanely. I was thoroughly surprised.”

Esquire Faust admits to StoryBuilder Topsy, “The skill-learning system in general is pretty broken, when the ONLY way to get to SUPER-HIGH levels is to either A) have access to a guild teacher or B) Have access to a patron with access to a guild teacher.”

Baronetess Morven tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “Sure, if you say so. Morven cannot afford clothes, because of her lessons.”

Esquire Faust says, “Wherein “guild teacher” means “exorbitant amounts of money”.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo says, “Especially with the ease of which they seem to be able to monopolize all of the fabrics, and the use of them.”

Lady Meepers nods to Baronetess Morven.

Bjorn nods to Baronetess Morven, “Which is why people look at me stupid when I offer folks a wardrobe for 20 d. Things should cost, materials + a small labor markup. Maybe a little for quality.”

Baronetess Morven nods to StoryBuilder Cosmo, “Morven imported a bolt of angora. 10 yards. It is currently in auction for 500d, WAY beyond what Morven, or any normal person, can afford.”

Valeria gasps at Baronetess Morven’s words, “500d?”

The southwest door opens.

Esquire Faust notes, “Inflation. People have a lot of money, they’re willing to pay more for things, drives prices up. The more money available, the higher prices. Basic economics.”

StoryBuilder Topsy nods to Baronetess Morven, “The embassy NEEDS to make 200 to breakeven on cost of import.”

Esquire Faust says, “But, back to skills…. it’s another system that unfairly benefits Noble Houses.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo admits to Esquire Faust however, “But not -alll- people have a lot of money. Just those with mastered careers, and zero interest in learning anything new/those with the money-making careers, such as clothiers.”

Baronetess Morven agrees with Esquire Faust, “Absolutely.”

Baronetess Morven agrees with StoryBuilder Cosmo’s words.

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Esquire Faust, “And guilds too tho…I have a crafter in a guild and we’re making our way up skillwise with zero house support.”

Bjorn tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “The only way to break even is not specifically 200d…. buy the material, manufacture goods (or work with your favored guild), sell and recoup costs.”

Esquire Faust says, “Nobles have a higher income to pay Guild Teachers, which means they control access to high level skills, aside from very dedicated crafter-guilds.”

Lady Meepers asks Baronetess Morven, “So is Morven trying to learn to sew?”

StoryBuilder Topsy explains to Bjorn, “10 tokens = 20 denar 10% of 200d = 20 denar, hence that is the breakeven IF they don’t touch the raw material at all.”

Esquire Faust notes, “If you’re not a crafter, with an easy go-to for exorbitant money-making, as we’ve seen from the inflation already discussed, which can pay for skills from the teacher (again, you only need ONE PERSON in your guild to pay that cost, and then have THAT person teach everyone else up to that level)”

Viscount Ruggero arrives through the southwest door.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Because Guilds should be buying the mats.”

Baronetess Morven shakes her head, “No, she just gardens and is a merchant. She just wanted to import cloth.”

Sir Matteo arrives through the southwest door.

Baronetess Morven says, “Burying the mats?”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Materials.”

Lady Meepers nods to Baronetess Morven.

Esquire Faust tells Sir Matteo, “Community “State of Game” meeting.”

Sir Matteo says, “All ooc then?”

Baronetess Morven nods.

Esquire Faust nods to Sir Matteo.

Lady Meepers waves to Sir Matteo.

Bjorn tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “Point taken…. That is an immediate gratification though… there is something to be said for importing and playing the long game.”

Valeria nods to Sir Matteo.

Esquire Faust says, “If you have a NON-crafter character, though, you can only rely on your daily income, or a very generous patron, to pay guild teacher costs.”

StoryBuilder Topsy counters Bjorn, “Imagine if there was the added long game of having a guild with students and hoping to win the materials for your sponsor.”

StoryBuilder Topsy points to Baronetess Morven.

Esquire Faust says, “Or having a character already in the game at a high level of the skill you want who is willing to teach you.”

Baronetess Morven agrees with Esquire Faust.

You say, “If people actually charged money for giving lessons, they’d make a lot of that back.”

Esquire Faust nods, “The skills in general should be HOARDED.”

Lady Meepers says to you, “Last time I played I did charge.”

You say, “When I was new to the game, guilds were not willing to teach outside of the guild.”

Esquire Faust notes, “Look at how there are, like, NO tailors in the city aside one.”

Bjorn smiles broadly at StoryBuilder Topsy, “… and so we make it finally to the real answer we are both thinking of. :D.”

Sir Matteo nods to you.

StoryBuilder Cosmo nods at your words, “SAmesies.”

Iset flaps her enormous wings and floats in on a breeze.

Viscount Ruggero says, “There’s three tailors that I know of off hand.”

Valeria waves to StoryPriestess Iset.

StoryPriestess Iset waves all-over.

Sir Matteo tells you, “Matteo really only offers lessons to those he likes or those he can benefit from later, or in trade.”

Lady Meepers peeks at StoryPriestess Iset.

Lady Meepers examines StoryPriestess Iset.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Yes we need a money pit but we also need less money and more commodity.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “So yeah, people who no longer have a daily income to fall back on?”

Sir Matteo hums thoughtfully.

Esquire Faust says, “Look at, and pardon this, but look at how Marrach works. You can ONLY get the skills from the specific guilds that already have it, and that’s a bottleneck controlled by the fact that those skills were only initially “handed out” by VPs. And those guilds are SUPER protective of their skills, because that’s their ONLY currency, and their LIFEBLOOD and identity.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Probably not going to turn down a chance to make money selling lessons.”

Esquire Faust shrugs, “Can’t really police that the same way in ICO, of course…”

Sir Matteo nods to Esquire Faust.

Sir Matteo says, “So are we looking for ways to spend everyone’s vast amounts of gold for those that have them? Or what are we solving here?”

Esquire Faust says, “But, the person who gets up to level 24 in a career should be OWNING that career.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “And it’ll be a way to also inspire nobles to actively work like patrons and protegees to actively work for patrons.”

Esquire Faust nods, “Nobles shouldn’t be DOING crafts, they should be PATRONING crafts.”

Sir Matteo says, “Well..”

Sir Matteo says, “In meepers’ case she became a noble after her craft.”

You nod to Esquire Faust, “It’s up to players to decide ICly to make those changes. They could try to adopt laws to forbid houses from bidding on crafting materials or even hiring crafting teachers. I don’t know how much push back they would receive but it’s a course of action they take IG.”

Esquire Faust winks at Lady Meepers, “You worked your way up from being a seamstress. You earned the right to NEVER have to do that again. Why you still sewing? Pay someone else to do that for you!”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “And patroning someone actually means forking over some resources to help them.”

Lady Meepers tells Esquire Faust, “But Meepers likes the work.”

Sir Matteo tells Lady Meepers, “It also pays a lot.”

Sir Matteo nods.

Esquire Faust shrugs at Lady Meepers, “Then, frankly, she shouldn’t be a well-respected Noble.”

Sir Matteo tells Esquire Faust, “I’ve been considering starting a fencing school.”

Sir Matteo wonders about Esquire Faust.

Lady Meepers tells Esquire Faust, “Meepers brought some co owners into the guild so she doesn’t have to do a lot of the guild work.”

Esquire Faust mimes, “That Meepers is STILL sewing things for people? As a LADY? She’s a disgrace to the title, acting like a commoner. Wasn’t she raised up out of that so she WOULDN’T have to do that anymore? If all she wants to do is sew, she could just as easily sew as a commoner….”

Sir Matteo blinks at Esquire Faust.

Esquire Faust notes to Lady Meepers, “Please don’t take this as an attack on you, I’m just using you as a convenient example.”

Baronetess Morven shrugs, “But, if you think about the culture of the Renaissance, especially in Italy, you would NEVER see a knight’s wife running a seamstress shop, even if that is only high level gentry/ low level nobility. It just would not happen.”

Esquire Faust moves from a lightning blue strong cotton hammock to Lady Meepers.

Esquire Faust hugs Lady Meepers.

Valeria nods at Baronetess Morven’s words.

Lady Meepers pffts.

Sir Matteo hums at Baronetess Morven.

StoryBuilder Topsy nods to Baronetess Morven.

Esquire Faust points to Baronetess Morven.

Sir Matteo says, “But you also have to consider that this is a game, and people are getting promotions left and right these days.”

StoryBuilder Cosmo agrees with Baronetess Morven too.

Baronetess Morven shrugs, “Not that this is REAL life, but it IS strongly based on that culture.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “The Renaissance was ALL ABOUT patroning.”

You say, “Meepers might be the social exception to the rule for whatever reason. When everyone becomes the exception though we lose a sense of what the world is supposed to be.”

Valeria says, “Cough cough the Medicis???”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “All those famous renaissance artists>”

Esquire Faust says, “Meepers might OWN a seamstress shop, and she might PATRON a seamstress shop. But she’d be caught DEAD before she was caught SEWING in a seamstress shop.”

Baronetess Morven nods to StoryBuilder Topsy.

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Were literally paid to exist and do their thing by nobility.”

Baronetess Morven agrees with Esquire Faust.

Esquire Faust points at StoryBuilder Topsy.

Sir Matteo considers.

Bjorn says, “You do not have to wear your titles …. Ranks are only really tied to income if you step back and look from 50k feet.”

Sir Matteo tells Lady Meepers, “Perhaps she could reserve her clientelle to the deserving few.”

Viscount Ruggero says, “Except noble ladies would sit and sew all the time. Tapistries, etc etc. Just not mass produce stuff.”

Esquire Faust says, “Nobles have money. That’s their “resource”. That’s their raison d’etre.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “The Sistine Chapel would not exist if a wealthy noble didn’t pay the living costs for a penniless painter.”

Valeria says, “Uhhhh but that’s embroidery, not clothing and such.”

Baronetess Morven shrugs, “I guess that is also one reason that Morven does not charge for the lessons she gives, because she looks at it as a hobby.”

Sir Matteo says, “If she were to sew for only the most important people, I don’t think that would be a problem?”

Lady Meepers sighs at Esquire Faust, “That is what a noble says that is raised as a noblle….but Meeeper was not raised a Noble.”

Sir Matteo gestures, “She doesn’t need it for the money, but for favor perhaps.”

Baronetess Morven tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “Actually, that was the pope, and he practically coerced, and definitely bullied, Michaelangelo into that, but anyway.”

Esquire Faust finally agrees with you, “Promotions are too abundant.”

Valeria grins at Baronetess Morven, “Definitely coerced. Michelangelo so didn’t want to paint that ceiling.”

Esquire Faust says, “I love ya, Meeps, but with THAT attitude… she SHOULDN’T be a noble.”

StoryPriestess Iset wouldn’t want to paint a ceiling, either.

StoryBuilder Topsy grins at Baronetess Morven, “And most of the Popes bought that title with money (and their birth name)”

Viscount Ruggero says, “Really, we don’t have the players to model any real economy. Who wants to play a dockworker that gets pennies a week?”

Valeria agrees with StoryPriestess Iset.

StoryPriestess Iset shifts her kohl-lined reflective molten gold eyes at Viscount Ruggero, “I love playing docktowners.”

Viscount Ruggero says to StoryPriestess Iset, “a stevadore?”

Esquire Faust nods to Viscount Ruggero, “Yes, but that’s because the NPCs get paid pennies a week. The PCs are the ones doing the paying.”

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Lady Meepers then, “Most of the dyes in the Renaissance? Extremely caustic and incredibly poisonous.”

Sir Matteo gestures, “I don’t play another character..”

Baronetess Morven nods to StoryBuilder Topsy, “Very much truth in that. We won’t discuss the various mordants used.”

StoryPriestess Iset says, “Stevedore* and sure why not?”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Dyeworkers died on the daily after playing with lead and arsenic and heavy metals and caustic acids all day long.”

Esquire Faust says, “Honestly, part of the problem is the Nobles in ICO are too soft. When you try to play a “real” Noble, people think you are being mean, rather than reasonable.”

Sir Matteo notes to StoryBuilder Topsy and you, “I think there should be a limit to how far someone can go in rank.”

Sir Matteo gestures, “From commoner to count? Really?”

Lady Meepers tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “I actually know that…..I read up on dyes in this age when I started playing CM 15 years ago….so Meepers will dye soon.”

Sir Matteo says, “She is basically in the top 5 most powerful people in the rinaldi now.”

Esquire Faust teases Lady Meepers, “She’s dying now.”

StoryBuilder Topsy nods to Lady Meepers, “Sew tru.”

Viscount Ruggero says, “Well, we really can’t play generation upon generation.”

Lady Meepers nods to Esquire Faust, “The Muggers have been beating the snot out of her.”

StoryBuilder Topsy notes to Sir Matteo, “In the trade embassy…she’s no where near a Don or Duke.”

Sir Matteo considers StoryBuilder Topsy.

StoryPriestess Iset says, “When you really look at it, a count isn’t really THAT high in rank.”

Sir Matteo tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “Wouldn’t she be right below them?”

StoryPriestess Iset says, “It is in ICO, but on the scale of things? Naaah.”

Esquire Faust says, “Again, the idea is that PCs are the “movers and shakers and important people”. NPCs are the dime-a-dozen dying-on-the-daily mooks.”

You say to Sir Matteo, “It can be possible. Maybe not easy but possible. Kilana has put a lot of time into her character and while commoner to noble might be SUPER rare, we shouldn’t take away from her story by saying it’s unrealistic.”

Esquire Faust says, “The catch is that is SHOULD be SUPER RARE.”

You nod to Esquire Faust.

Viscount Ruggero says, “And I have to say, getting enough favor right now for those high ranks?”

Sir Matteo tells you, “I wouldn’t complain it if was baronet or baroness.. but viscount and count? Come now.. anyway..”

Esquire Faust says, “And, she at least tends to ACT like a Countess?”

Sir Matteo notes to you, “And Kilana is one of my favorite people.”

Esquire Faust eyes Lady Meepers.

StoryBuilder Topsy nods to Esquire Faust, “And in this case it is kind of. She’s been playing for like a decade lol?”

Esquire Faust sticks out his tongue at Lady Meepers.

Esquire Faust grins at StoryBuilder Topsy, “Exactly.”

Lady Meepers moons FAust.

You say to Sir Matteo, “We mentioned before we are going to review the promotion process. Nothing set in stone now but we have some revisions coming.”

Sir Matteo nods.

StoryBuilder Cosmo gathers everyone present in the room into one big group hug Esquire Faust, Sir Matteo, Viscount Ruggero, you, Valeria, StoryBuilder Topsy, Lady Meepers, Bjorn and Baronetess Morven, “Goota go make foods. This was great though, all. <3.”

StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Most of the other recent biggie promotions started off already a few rungs up the ladder via stps.”

Sir Matteo waves at StoryBuilder Cosmo.

Esquire Faust teases you, “Just let Faust get promoted first.”

Valeria moves from a lightning blue strong cotton hammock to StoryBuilder Cosmo.

StoryBuilder Cosmo snaps her fingers, and a glitzy Trans-Am screeches to a halt at her heels. She hops in, lowers the hydraulic suspension with a whining whirr-ksh, before rolling out to the heavy bass drop of …’You come talkin’ that trash, we’ll pull your card.. Knowing nothin’ in life, but to be legit… Don’t quote me boy, cause I’aint said spit out.

Viscount Ruggero says, “I need my 4 points first.”

Sir Matteo notes, “My biggest concern is getting new players involved. I know we worked on it before, but we gotta keep at it.”

Sir Matteo says, “And we need new bad guys.”

You say, “Aw damn, sorry. I just wiped everyone’s favor points.”

Sir Matteo chuckles at you.

Esquire Faust hates you immediately.

Viscount Ruggero cries.

OOC — Sir Matteo says, “how do you check favor again”

OOC — Sir Matteo says, “cant remember”

Esquire Faust snickers at Sir Matteo, “@rank list.”

StoryPriestess Iset says, “@rank list.”

OOC — Sir Matteo says, “yeah im never getting anywhere”

StoryPriestess Iset points at Esquire Faust, “Dat one.”

Sir Matteo smirks.

Viscount Ruggero says, “Well, there goes 74 points.”

Sir Matteo says, “Meepers probably has more than me.”

Lady Meepers pouts at you, “Send me home………I have been picked to pieces and back.”

Baronetess Morven assures Lady Meepers, “Sweetie, we all love you.”

StoryPriestess Iset approaches Lady Meepers.

StoryPriestess Iset hugs Lady Meepers tightly, “We can always use the fur to stuff you back together.”

Lady Meepers allows you to hug her.

You approach Lady Meepers.

Sir Matteo moves from the southwest door to Lady Meepers.

You hug Lady Meepers.

Sir Matteo hugs Lady Meepers.

Baronetess Morven reassures Lady Meepers, “And we LOVE your sewing.”

Valeria approaches Lady Meepers.

Valeria hugs Lady Meepers.

Viscount Ruggero hands stuffing to meepers.

Esquire Faust hugs Lady Meepers, “Again, I’m sorry to be using you as the example. You were here.”

StoryBuilder Topsy reminds Lady Meepers, “We are talking about concepts, not attacking you personally.”

StoryBuilder Topsy moves from a lightning blue strong cotton hammock to Lady Meepers.

StoryBuilder Topsy hugs Lady Meepers.

Esquire Faust says, “Faust and me both still love Meeps.”

Esquire Faust winks at Lady Meepers.

Sir Matteo notes to Esquire Faust, “You were the chosen one!!”

Sir Matteo grins.

Sending Lady Meepers to the upper floor, guestroom suite of the Gilded Balance Inn.

Lady Meepers leaves.

Sir Matteo says, “Too bad im not as cool as Obe Won..”

OOC — Sir Matteo says to Esquire Faust, “I think you ttook it a bit too hard on meeps”

OOC — Sir Matteo says, “:x”

Baronetess Morven tells Sir Matteo, “No, he was making a valid point.”

Valeria nods at Baronetess Morven, “What she said…”

Sir Matteo tells Baronetess Morven, “Aye he was, but it was still harsh.”

You say, “I don’t think it’s a bad thing to communicate with each other about how we want the game to be.”

Esquire Faust admits, “It DOES annoy me, though, that any time I’ve tried to play up Faust’s “Uhm… yeah, I -AM- technically better than you” aspects, people are all like “Shut up you stupid stuck up noble crap”. Like… uh… kinda even from other nobles or other members of the House?”

StoryPriestess Iset rememberingly sees StoryBuilder Topsy’s pair of multi-hued fucking badass shit socks, “lol.”

Esquire Faust calls out Sir Matteo, “:P.”

Sir Matteo grins at Esquire Faust, “I wish I made you into a knight earlier. sorry about that.”

Viscount Ruggero says to Esquire Faust, “Well, as long as you weren’t trying to be “Ha, I’m a noble” to someone of higher rank.”

Esquire Faust bows to Viscount Ruggero properly, “That would be most improper, Viscount.”

Viscount Ruggero says to Esquire Faust, “Right.”

Esquire Faust basically ignores Bjorn.

Bjorn says, “really?”

You say to Esquire Faust, “No, you say “I would never say that to your face, Viscount.”

Valeria grins at Esquire Faust and Bjorn.

You say, “Emphasis on “to your face.”

Esquire Faust moves from a lightning blue strong cotton hammock to Bjorn.

Esquire Faust pats Bjorn, “Sorry, yours was the first name I saw without a title.”

Bjorn says, “when spring finally gets here and I get my horns…. you are done.”

Viscount Ruggero says to you, “Oh, Rug is well aware that as soon as his back is turned, the jibes are whispered.”

Esquire Faust laughs at Bjorn.

You say, “We should probably wrap this up.”

*fun banter and random chit chat*

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