Ironclaw Online: New Look

As you have probably  noticed by  now, Ironclaw Online now has a new look! We are by no means finished with adding all the content and help files we plan to add but we do have some other fun features for you to get excited about.


Web Accounts

We will allow players to create web accounts on a trial basis, which will allow you to comment on posts. Other roles are available by request which allow you to post events to the event calendar, articles for the Calabrian Chronicle, and help files. If any of these roles interest you, reach out to a member of staff.


Real Time News & Event Calendar

Our website will be the centralized location for all news and upcoming events. If you want access to post events, just ask a member of staff.


Help Files

The website gives us access to a more thorough and organized knowledge database. This will always be a work in progress and we are open to accepting volunteers to help with this task.


If you experience any problems or have suggestions, let us know 🙂

SH Roo

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