June 2018

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Plants Many of the issues regarding plants have been addressed Fertilizer will now show the proper message when used on unfertilized plants. Many plants have lost their quality descriptors. Over the next couple of days, you should start to see those come back as the quality code corrects itself. There was a major bug with most plants incorrectly showing produce despite there being nothing to harvest. This caused them to never produce. This has been fixed and plants should start to grow produce over the next few days. The garden room in the Docktown boarding house has been updated to spawn with functional herbs. ThisRead More →

Until now, staff have been handling adding events to the event calendar. Going forward, I’d like to request that players help us out by creating a web account here and @assist so we can give you privileges to add your own events. Since there is no recurring event option, weekly meetings will need to be added manually. It is very taxing for us to remember who meets when and where so this is the best solution we have to ensure no one is forgotten about. If embassies/guilds/factions want to create a single universal account for all members to share, that’s fine. Just assist with theRead More →