October 2018

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Just a few updates to the way muggers operate: Muggers will take no more than 20 denarii from a PC. Whenever defeating a mugger in combat, you will take whatever coin they happen to be carrying–unless you choose to let them go!   RooRead More →

Engravings We have added a list of pre-written engravings that can be used by blacksmiths, carpenters, and stonemasons. These engravings do not cost tokens. Options include: anchor, apple blossom, arabesque, autumn leaf, bud, butterfly, celestial, circle, claw, cloud, cloudy mountain, constabulary crest, criss-cross, dahlia, daisy, destrier, dot, dragon, dragonfly, firefly, fish, fist, flame, fleur-de-lis, flower, foray, geometric, ghost, gorath, heart, hummingbird, idol, jack o’ lantern, knot, knotwork, labyrinth, leaf, lily, mountain, octogram, orchid, owl, petal, poppy, pumpkin, rapier, rose, seashell, shield, ship, skink, skull, skull and crossbone, smoke, snake, spider, spooky mansion, star, starburst, strawberry, sun-and-moon, sword, thorn, tower, turtle dove, wave, wheel, windmill, xRead More →