Crafting Updates


We have added a list of pre-written engravings that can be used by blacksmiths, carpenters, and stonemasons. These engravings do not cost tokens.

Options include: anchor, apple blossom, arabesque, autumn leaf, bud, butterfly, celestial, circle, claw, cloud, cloudy mountain, constabulary crest, criss-cross, dahlia, daisy, destrier, dot, dragon, dragonfly, firefly, fish, fist, flame, fleur-de-lis, flower, foray, geometric, ghost, gorath, heart, hummingbird, idol, jack o’ lantern, knot, knotwork, labyrinth, leaf, lily, mountain, octogram, orchid, owl, petal, poppy, pumpkin, rapier, rose, seashell, shield, ship, skink, skull, skull and crossbone, smoke, snake, spider, spooky mansion, star, starburst, strawberry, sun-and-moon, sword, thorn, tower, turtle dove, wave, wheel, windmill, x



We have began to update the stonemason career in attempt to put it on the same playing level as the other careers. Here is the current list of craftable items:

1. door stop, mortar, pestle
2. flower pot, pitcher, pound weight
3. inkpot, jar, quill holder, round pitcher
4. ashtray, plaque, square pitcher, teacup
5. fruit bowl, large tiles, statue, tall pitcher
6. fluted pitcher, plate, round teacup, saucer, round saucer
7. chamber pot, platter, square saucer, square plate
8. bench, carnation plate, delicate teacup, delicate saucer, sleek pitcher, tiles
9. chalice, fish saucer, fish plate, large tiles, oblong platter, whetstone
10. bookend, fluted teacup, fluted saucer, petunia plate, small tiles, tulip-shaped pitcher, vase
11. cherub urn, clover saucer, clover plate, planter, shallow platter
12. circular planter, coffin, trinket box, egg-shaped trinket box, fish-shaped pitcher, leaf saucer, leaf plate, rectangular planter
13. fountain, frog-shaped trinket box, narrow platter, rectangular planter, rose saucer, rose plate
14. leaf-shaped teacup, leaf-shaped saucer, semi-circle planter, table, tulip plate, turgle-shaped trinket box
15. carriage-shaped trinket box, lilypad saucer, lilypad plate, memorial stone, mosaic tiles, narrow planter, scallop-edged platter
16. amaryllis saucer, amaryllis plate, basin, pepper shaker, salt shaker
17. unfinished bust, classic urn planter, leaf-shaped platter, ruffle saucer, ruffle plate, trivet
18. bath tub, rose-shaped teacup, rose-shaped saucer, two-tiered planter, water trough
19. incense burner, marble set, obelisk
20. checker set, chess set, game board, grapevine planter
22. gem, stepping stone
23. femort statue, lutara statue
24. octogram statue


Statues and Busts

Similar to how paintings work, you can now SCULPT statue and busts into freeform descriptions. Doing so does not cost tokens but you will be limited on the number of words you can use based on your stonemason career and skill levels.


Game Boards, Chess and Checker Sets

Chess and checker sets are game pieces that can be added to game boards (‘put my chess set in game board’). This will turn the game board into a chess board or checker board which can then be played.

Syntax: play chess board with Bob

The game will last roughly 5 minutes and a winner will be determined at the end. Mind/observation rolls will be conducted throughout to help determine the winner. Generic emits will reflect the outcome of those rolls.


Coming Soon

We are still working on more options for higher levels such as fireplaces, firepits, and display pedestals. Resource usage will also be updated once all objects have been added.


Please use the in-game @assist command to report any bugs, typos, questions you might have.

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