ATTENTION: Mandatory Evacuation

On October 14th, there will be a mandatory evacuation for all characters to Three Corners so that we can finish preparations for the switch to Allegory of Empires on November 1st. Characters who do not voluntarily evacuate will be automatically moved to Three Corners at that time. During the temporary evacuation period, you will not have access to any of the locations in Triskellian, including your private room(s). You will not lose any of the items in your private room(s) unless they reference branded Ironclaw lore, but staff will not be retrieving items left behind for you during the evacuation. You are encouraged to take any belongings with you that you will want to RP with. There are two private rooms available in Three Corners at no cost to safely store your things in. The toll ticket fees to leave Triskellian and enter Three Corners have been waived for the remaining time that Triskellian is accessible.


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