Allegory Transition Meeting #1

StoryHost Roo says to Kilana, “In approximately 5-8 months, Skotos as a gaming community will be disbanding. What that means is the more popular games (ICO, CM, TEC, Lazarus) will be passed off to their respective hosts.”
StoryHost Roo says, “That’s the short of it. There’s more info here –”
StoryHost Roo says, “As far as what this means for us…”
StoryHost Roo says, “It’s a little complicated in that we have to have permission from the makers of Ironclaw to operate an Ironclaw themed game. The “contract” we have is very vague in that it doesn’t talk about if it can be transferred.”
StoryHost Roo says, “And we haven’t heard from Sanguine in years.”
StoryHost Roo says, “Sanguine being the owners of Ironclaw.”
StoryHost Roo says, “I was also informed that we haven’t been keeping up our end of the bargain as far as how much money we have been generating for them. So what that means is that they could terminate the license at any moment. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Maybe they don’t care.”
StoryHost Roo says, “With this being passed to me, it makes it a bit personal for me too. I’ll be investing a lot more time and money into this and a vague contract that I’ll be responsible for makes me uneasy to say the least.”
StoryHost Roo says, “So I’ve talked to the other staff and we all collectively agree the best solution is to go ahead and terminate our contract with Sanguine. Then take the bones of ICO to create a similar but different game using the same systems and letting you guys keep your characters.”
StoryHost Roo says, “How do you guys feel about that?”
Nisha asks StoryHost Roo, “It’ll still be the bame basic anthromorphic Renaissance?”
Kilana nods at Ceyla’s Cafe, “I’d really hate to see years of work on our characters, and this map, go to waste.”
Baroness Meepers asks StoryHost Roo, “Human or animal for us?”
StoryHost Roo says to Nisha, “We are getting rid of the anthro part but the time period we will keep.”
StoryBuilder Topsy mentions to Kilana, “The map is also licensed.”
StoryHost Roo nods, “Humans, Italian Renaissance, based loosely on actual history.”
Baroness Meepers asks StoryHost Roo, “Will we be able to take some of our modifactions and put them into sorta Human thing?  Like meepers blind eye and scars?”
StoryHost Roo nods to Baroness Meepers, “We can definitely find a solution to that.”
Nurse Bess shifts her large brown eyes, “I think you guys know what’s best and I trust your judgement. But I’m also worried that I’ll lose my characters too.”
StoryHost Roo says, “What’s most important for us is you get to keep the characters you spent all this time building. We can even offer some sort of trade in deal if you want to start over but with some skills.”
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “We feel being human will help us reach a broader audience.”
StoryBuilder Karma breathes to Ceyla’s Cafe, “It, in essence, will be the same spirit of game. Just without the anthro part.”
Sir Matteo hums at StoryHost Roo, “I can understand that.. will we be keeping the four houses.. an italian one, french one, german one and belgium one?”
Baroness Meepers tells StoryHost Roo, “And having a story of our own means we will have a bit more freedom on other things.”
StoryHost Roo says, “Topsy has been writing up some backstory. If you guys want a taste of it?”
StoryHost Roo points to Baroness Meepers, “Exactly! Writing plots will be so much easier because we don’t have to work within the confines of a source book.”
StoryHost Roo says, “We really want the new game to be very plot heavy.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Allegory of the Empires The year is 1499 in Italy and the Age of Rebirth is in full swing. The seat of power resides in the trade city of Rinascita, a thriving and flourishing capital city filled with art, culture, trade and beyond all else, money and power. Though the King of Italy and the Pope of the Catholic Church appear to hold all the power, the other nations have their sights set on taking some — or all — of it for their own. Beneath this subtle dance of Empires, the people of the city too have a desire to stake their claim, pronounce their worth and stand equal among their fellows as peers. Will you join the game of the Court in their intricate dance of power and struggle or will you stake your claim among the commoners vying for their share of the wealth and power this brilliant city has to offer? Join the Allegory of the Empires to tell your tale as the story unfolds in a wondrous web of love, lies, power and wealth.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Setting – High above Rinascita sits the Citadel of Ricchezza, overlooking the winding roads and sprawling boulevards of the city that hugs the coast of the blue-green waters of Moneta Bay. These streets are home to over 50,000 people, a number that grows higher by the day as people from all the Empires descend on this powerhouse city in search of opportunity. With a vibrant and bustling port as well as markets, guilds and embassies, Rinascita sees a continual flow of goods, money and people who each bring with them new ideas, hope and a desire to succeed. Navigating these winding streets is almost as difficult as navigating the complex intricacies of who knows who, who works for who and who currently holds power over who. Almost as imposing as the Citadel on the hill is the Cathedral of Madonna and the home of Pope Pericola, ruling over all penitents of the world. From the seediest side streets to the most pristine Piazzas, no where in Rinascita can you escape the image of these two symbols of wealth and power that sit on high.”
Nisha asks, “Will there still be an Africa, and can characters claim to be trom there?”
StoryHost Roo says, “Our goal is to make sure all ICO places/people are represented in some form.”
Plantee excitedly queries, “Is this a total restart, or more of a setting revarnishing?”
StoryHost Roo says, “Instead of 4 embassies, there will be 6. And we won’t have the Sailors Guild or Guild Council (though the guild system will remain the same).”
Nurse Bess asks curiously, “How will we transition? Will we just pretend we were humans all along?”
StoryBuilder Karma asks StoryHost Roo and StoryBuilder Topsy curiously, “If I may, will there still be a sort of conflict between religions? Catholics and pagans, I suppose? I imagine it can be a little sensitive when it’s representing a real belief system.”
StoryBuilder Topsy answers Nurse Bess, “We are giving people who choose to continue with the character advance access to all the source material.”
StoryHost Roo nods to StoryBuilder Karma, “There will be something like that, yeah.”
StoryBuilder Topsy answers StoryBuilder Karma belatedly, “Instead of Lutara, we are going with the Renaissance period conflict between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.”
StoryHost Roo says, “A lot of the inside locations we can still use. Like this cafe, the manors.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Less witches burning at the stake and more of a political thing.”
Sir Matteo tells StoryBuilder Topsy, “Some pagans can be thrown in too eh?”
StoryHost Roo says, “The more heathens the better.”
Nisha wonders, “Will there be any other religions? Islam, for instance?”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “I don’t want to get sidetracked too far, but we are trying to stick with what was widely established as the norm for an italian city in the 1490s.”
Nisha asks now, “Okay, okay. No sidetrack into religion. When are we doing this?”
StoryHost Roo says, “Our hope is to have the new maps, website, chargen in place by the time skotos is disbanded which can be anywhere between 5 to 8 months.”
StoryHost Roo says, “Until then, Ironclaw will remain as is and we’ll be working in the background.”
StoryHost Roo says, “I know this is a drastic change and probably a little scary. Do you guys have any other concerns we can address here?”
Sir Matteo asks StoryHost Roo, “Ideas on the name change?”
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “Allegory of the Empires.”
Morven asks, “How will the pricing structure change?”
StoryBuilder Karma breathes to StoryHost Roo, “I am curious how subscription and storypoints will work.”
StoryHost Roo says to Morven, “We haven’t decided on that yet so I don’t want to say one way or another. We will keep the free/basic/premium options and we’ve been brainstorming pricing/storypoint structure.”
Adler laxly folds his arms over his bandaged chest, “Will the races/classes remain the same, or will those be overhauled as well?”
StoryHost Roo says to Adler, “We’ll be humans so there’s that.”
Valeria lifts her slender right hand, “What of the honesta cortigiani? Will they/ that path and part of the Italian be one that staff would be willing to suppor?”
Adler shifts his sharp amber eyes a-little, “Any chance we can go back to the old combat system?”
StoryHost Roo admits to Valeria, “I don’t know what that is.”
Morven glances at Valeria, “Artists, poets, conversationalists, musicians, the life of every party.”
Morven simplifies Valeria’s words, “Courtesans.”
StoryHost Roo says to Adler, “Probably won’t revert to the old combat system but I have some changes in mind. Including an overhaul of the healing system.”
Valeria shifts her bright cerulean blue eyes at StoryHost Roo’s words, “Woman who were trained in the arts, music- Yeah. What she said. Huge huge huge part of Italian culture in the Renaissance, were often very infulential in the political sphere for just being so intelligent and well-spoken.”
StoryBuilder Topsy tells Valeria, “Courtesans were indeed a highly integral part of the social structure and not something that would necessarily need staff oversight.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “It’s interactive fiction and you are free to write your character as you please so long as it fits within the structure of the source material and theme provided.”
Nurse Bess mentions, “I like the crafting careers. I’d like to see that kept. And I’d like the see poison implemented. I always liked languages, but I imagine we’ll have to get rid of most of them.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Can you be an oompaloompa? No. Can you play an italianate courtesan? Sure. Also you will have to play out the cause and effect, consequence and storyline brought by that choice.”
Adler inquires of StoryHost Roo then, “What of those who purchased the STP races, then? Elephants, lions, bats and the like?  Will they see some sort of recompense?”
StoryBuilder Topsy tells Nurse Bess and Adler together, “And with the nations represented, each WILL have it’s own unique culture.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “France, Spain, Italy, et cetera.”
StoryHost Roo says to Nurse Bess, “The crafting system will remain as is and I feel like some sort of poison system will be necessary for the theme we’re going for. Languages will be available.”
Sir Matteo says, “Maybe those that bought character traits/races could get something special for their character like scars or tattoos or something.”
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “That’s not a bad suggestion. We’ll make note.”
Adler clarifies his words helpfully, “Didn’t word that as well as I had hoped. Rather the ones who had potentially purchased recently.”
StoryHost Roo says to Adler, “I think it would only be fair to compensate race purchases. To be honest, there haven’t been a lot anyway.”
StoryGuide Athos asks StoryHost Roo, “Rank structures?”
StoryHost Roo says to StoryGuide Athos, “Mostly the same. I’m not a huge fan of the promotion system so that will likely see a change.”
Sir Matteo says, “Oh, right.. are we taking out all the fantasy?”
Sir Matteo says, “Magic gone?”
StoryHost Roo nods, “Yes.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Yes.”
Baronne Staci checks, “Adventure?”
Sir Matteo says, “I did like the magic part of the game.”
StoryHost Roo says, “But we’ll have poisons so maybe that will compensate?”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “We’ve been scrubbing it from the world for like five years lol.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Consider this a spin-off alternate history retelling.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “In which you get to be a part of writing the history.”
StoryHost Roo nods to Baronne Staci, “Adventure, yes. There will be some places to explore outside of the city. Hunting (actual animals) and no token cost for that since we’re getting rid of those.”
Nisha wonders, “Will the calendar and hours in the day change or will we continue with the sometimes-confusing day-night system we have now?”
Sir Matteo asks StoryHost Roo, “How will storypoints transfer once the split happens? Do you pick a game and that game accepts them?”
StoryHost Roo says to Nisha, “I’d love to stick to a more real world time/day/calendar thing.”
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “I’m not sure how that will work.”
Sir Matteo asks StoryHost Roo, “Will we end child characters ?”
Sir Matteo says, “Or bring em back.”
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “We haven’t talked about that yet either.”
Baronne Staci thanks StoryHost Roo, “Economy has been silly for awhile. I like the move away from tokens, but really do think there needs to be favor/rank/special cost so our beggars don’t have gold underpants.”
StoryHost Roo says to Baronne Staci, “You’d like to see more money sinks?”
Bjorn says, “The current power structure is fairly static… IE the Rinaldi own the city and that is not going to shift.  Is there intent to allow that to change?  Will there be a mechanism houses, embassies, etc… be allowed to usurp the folks on top?  IE: the Bisc could topple the Rin regime.  Of course there is the decline of the other side as well.”
Nurse Bess asks, “Will we keep slaves/slave ranks?”
Baroness Meepers asks StoryHost Roo, “Can I still run my guild of seamstresses?”
StoryHost Roo says to Nurse Bess, “My gut reaction is no to slaves but we need to discuss that more.”
Baronne Staci says, “More like indentured servants.”
StoryHost Roo nods to Baronne Staci, “I like that word better.”
StoryHost Roo says to Bjorn, “In our perfect dream world, each faction can certainly harm the other and make it difficult to thrive but I’m not sure there would ever be a situation where France takes over a single Italian city.”
StoryHost Roo says, “Since the Sailors Guild and Guild Council are part of the Ironclaw lore, they won’t exist as organizations.”
StoryBuilder Topsy relays to Plantee, “In our historical fiction, this city will be the seat of power for the ruling power…so not exactly a citystate and kind of more what replaced Rome? Probably won’t be easy to roll in and take over.”
Adler hrms lowly, “What if there were something that would work as the saliors guild in function, but would be a different entity. Like a Dutch East India Company sort of deal…granted that was formed in 1602, but still.”
StoryHost Roo says to Adler, “We might be able to find a solution like that, sure.”
Baronne Staci backtracks personally, “I’m.. iffy on including real world religion. getting people excited about S’Allumer was difficult since we have such diversity here.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “The idea is to work the angle that the other countries are working to try and sneak and deceived and make connections and black mail and bribe and power play.”
Adler agrees with Baronne Staci aside, “Mm…same. Especially with today’s climate. Might be good to substitute.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “We aren’t aiming for muscle-milk and outright war.”
StoryBuilder Topsy mentions to Baronne Staci and Adler, “Without going too far into it; the biggest issue is that no one knew what s’Allumer even was.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Now at least people can play Church characters with a semblance of confidence in what that actually is supposed to mean.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Now you can just do a simple google search for Roman Catholicism in 15th century Italy and get exactly what you need.”
Nurse Bess agrees with Baronne Staci too, “I think for people who decide to start fresh, there should be an opportunity to have closure with their characters/stories.”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “There’s definitely time to do so.”
Bjorn asks, “Wll personal assets that are not ICO specific(anthro), like all my lumbers, still translate over to the new game?”
StoryHost Roo nods to Bjorn, “Yeah.”
StoryHost Roo says to Baronne Staci, “We’ll come up with a trade in package.”
Baroness Meepers peeks at StoryHost Roo, “Can I keep my piercings?”
StoryBuilder Topsy says, “Your characters will be the same, just with skin instead of fur and minus the tails and ears hahaha.”

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