Allegory Transition Meeting #2

StoryHost Roo says, “I know some of you are new. Are you familiar with the changes that will be happening in a few months?”
Mirage nods.
Lady Wynter arrives through the exit of the Grand Pavilion.
Lady Wynter waves to Niava, Jayland, Mirage, Bjorn and you.
Jayland says, “That we’ll all going to become Human, and speaking in Italian accents..Aye.”
You chuckle at Jayland.
Niava says, “Not really. I literally just started haha But, I’ve been poking around the forums.”
You smile at Niava, “Welcome.”
Niava smiles.
Niava says, “Thanks.”
Lady Wynter waves to Niava, “Welcome!”
You wave to Lady Wynter.
Lady Wynter waves to you.
StoryHost Roo says to Niava, “We are in the process of transitioning into a new game where the characters will be human and the time period will be slightly different.”
StoryHost Roo says, “The purpose of the meeting is to share where we are on the progress and to get some feedback.”
Tipsy Topsy swerves in.
StoryHostess Topsy waves sheepishly.
You frown at StoryHostess Topsy, “You’re late.”
StoryHost Roo tisks at StoryHostess Topsy.
StoryHostess Topsy grins at you, “Yeah but…can one actually be late to ones own meeting?”
StoryHostess Topsy sniggers lots.
You chuckle at StoryHostess Topsy.
StoryHost Roo says, “We’ll go ahead and get started while Topsy gets settled.”
Mirage sits down patiently.
Lady Wynter sits down on the brick-paved ground.
StoryHost Roo says, “So the new game will be set in the Italian Renaissance in the city of Rinascita. Kjell has been slaving over his computer to put together a new map.”
StoryHost Roo asks you, “Do you want to share the link?”
You say, “It’s not finished, but:”
Lady Wynter says, “oooh, pretty! what map generator is that?”
StoryHost Roo says, “He hand crafted every detail.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Original.”
You respond to Lady Wynter, “It’s made from scratch.”
StoryHostess Topsy bows to you awedly.
You defer to StoryHost Roo and StoryHostess Topsy.
StoryHost Roo says, “There will be 6 embassies in town and all the open locations in Newtown/Docktown will be present.”
StoryHost Roo says, “So while it looks smaller, it will be a more concentrated layout with a little something to look at in each room.”
Lady Wynter shows her right thumb to you, “It’s awesome! You aren’t using a software program?”
Lady Wynter says, “Sorry, I’ll ask later.”
StoryHostess Topsy agrees with StoryHost Roo, “No more 50,000 empty roads to nowhere hehehe.”
StoryHost Roo says, “The outside rooms in the city are built. Topsy and builders are working on plopping the interior rooms in place.”
Jayland says, “But wondrous convenient to hast if you want to place soemthing on them.”
StoryHostess Topsy promises Jayland, “With some 100 odd rooms to transfer over, I promise IF there is something left to build when we are done, we will still have room to grow.”
StoryHost Roo says, “We also have an Outlands area which will be home to smaller villages, a mine, lumber mill…”
Jayland says, “Now, how to you intend to get the people to fill yon rooms?”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “I don’t understand the renspeak or the question.”
Mirage asks curiously, “Is it possible to live in that village outside the city or is it more just for show?”
StoryHost Roo says, “The empty  area in the southern part of the map is where Rinascita will be. We’ll update the map accordingly.”
StoryHost Roo nods to Mirage, “That is the plan. We want to have houses, farms, and such available for purchase.”
Mirage claps excitedly.
You grin at Mirage.
Jayland says, “I asked, how are you intending to bring people into this new game?”
Mirage holds her finger up as she speaks wisely “Build it, and they will come.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Marketing campaign, word-of-mouth, referral program and a niche slightly larger than anthropomorphic.”
StoryHost Roo laughs.
You chuckle at Mirage.
StoryHost Roo says to Mirage, “That’s our hope!”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “I do social media marketing and SEO for a living. I’m confident that all our combined skills will come together to work toward improving the size of the playerbase as well as player retention.”
StoryHost Roo says, “We feel there will be a bigger variety of options for characters to grow in. Rather than everyone being stuck in one location without much to do.”
StoryHost Roo says to Mirage, “That’s good to know!”
StoryHostess Topsy grins at Mirage, “Twinnies! hehehe.”
Mirage secretly wants matching shirts with topsy. Perhaps another day.
StoryHost Roo chuckles.
StoryHostess Topsy agrees with StoryHost Roo, “And with a larger pool of potential customers to pull from, I think we will have better luck.”
StoryHost Roo says, “Do you guys want to preview chargen?”
Jayland says, “Skotos is going to vanish.  So I shall need help.”
StoryHost Roo says, “character generation.”
Mirage nods.
Jayland says, “’tis well.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “For every player who pulled the trigger on trying ICO, there were 5 who gave it a hard pass simply because of the anthro thing.”
StoryHost Roo says, “”
Mirage says honestly, “I think this will be a bigger hit because it reminds me more of dungeons and dragons.”
StoryHost Roo says, “You start the game by choosing a class and the skills you are able to learn will be limited to the class you choose. Once your character progresses a bit, you’ll be able to choose a second class.”
Jayland says, “it wont let me look.”
StoryHost Roo asks Jayland, “Did you remove the period from the end?”
Jayland says, “now it works.”
StoryHost Roo says, “For existing characters, you’ll need to go through a similar version of character generation. Near the end it will calculate your character total skills and give you a pool of learning points that you can distribute to the skills that are available to your class.”
Mirage says, “haha it says my name is already in use because I chose start over instead of going through to the second stage. I didn’t realize it was being stored.”
StoryHost Roo says, “We’ll also have some general skills available like fishing, cooking, riding.”
Jayland says, “how many subclasses can we take.”
StoryHost Roo says to Mirage, “Yeah, you can transition Mirage to the new game when the time comes. At some point I’ll run a script to purge old and deleted characters to free up some names.”
StoryHost Roo says to Jayland, “2.”
Mirage nods understandingly.
StoryHost Roo says, “Any other questions/comments?”
Lady Wynter says, “None so far.”
Niava says, “So this game is completely going away, right? Just asking because I actually like the anthro game, lol.”
Niava says, “or will there be anthro races in the new game, too?”
StoryHost Roo says to Niava, “There will be some elements that we keep but yeah, it own’t be an anthro game.”
Niava nods.
StoryHost Roo says, “There has been some talk about Sanguine hosting their own Ironclaw MUD but I don’t have any more information than that.”
Niava nods.
Niava says, “ok thanks.”
StoryHost Roo says, “Character generations needs a little polishing still but it’s almost there. Then I can really delve into creating the other systems. As the lone coder, my job is to make sure all the code support is there for the type of character you want to play.”
StoryHost Roo asks the Grand Pavilion, “System-wise, are there things you’d like to see or hope to see?”
Jayland says, “NPC Teachers.”
Jayland says, “they’re quite convenient to hast.”
Mirage smiles to StoryHost Roo, “I know you guys are adding a food system, and I noticed you could cook in-game. I think it would be awesome that was well as homes – you could allow us to have in-town businesses. Like running a tavern.”
StoryHost Roo says to Jayland, “There will probably be some NPC teachers. We haven’t fully figured out how learning and such will happen.”
StoryHost Roo says to Mirage, “And there are definitely plans to have player owned spaces but we haven’t mapped out the logistics 100%. Basically you can have a building and you can turn it into whatever you like. Since we don’t have an unlimited number of buildings, we would have to set the up as virtual rooms which is a little tricky when trying to open a public space.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And it would be person-to-person sales; the logistics of setting up NPC merchants wouldn’t work for player-use in an easy way.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Everyone examine Mirage!!”
Mirage says, “I dun goofed.”
Mirage shrugs sheepishly.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Sneak peek of what your PC bodies will look like as humans.”
StoryHost Roo grins, “It was my fault.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Convenient and timely.”
You grin at Mirage.
You examine Mirage.
Short in height and curvaceous in build, Mirage is a young woman of alabaster complexion with a head of medium silky sable hair. Her owlish bondi blue eyes are accentuated by high eyebrows and a smooth forehead. A button nose, heart-shaped mouth with pouting lips, dainty ears and pointed chin complete the appearance. Mirage appears to be injured.  She is carrying a doumbek drum, a scroll, an obsidian black-lacquered oak die, a brass die, a twilight black velvet journal, a flute and a black ebony lute. She is wearing a raven suede choker, a beige muslin dress, an off-white wool chemise, a pair of brown leather slippers, a cream muslin purse, an ecru homespun shawl and a silver Eyes on Scales ring.
Niava examines Mirage.
StoryHost Roo examines Mirage.
Jayland examines himself.
StoryHostess Topsy reminds Jayland then, “Mirage.”
Jayland examines Mirage.
Mirage snickers, “I feel like I”m in animal crossing.”
Niava examines herself.
Niava lolls.
StoryHost Roo laughs.
Jayland says, “I stll hast mine CM discription o’ both Jayland and Tamm.  Can I use yon?”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Whatever floats your boat.”
Lady Wynter examines Mirage.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Once Skotos is dissolved, we have no connection to CM whatsoever.”
Jayland says, “wherefore can I send them?”
Sir Matteo arrives through the exit of the Grand Pavilion.
StoryHost Roo welcomes Sir Matteo.
Lady Wynter says, “That’s going to take some getting used to, the description. It doesn’t flow for me. But it is neat that it is different.”
You wave to Sir Matteo.
Sir Matteo waves merrily.
Sir Matteo winks at Lady Wynter.
Lady Wynter waves to Sir Matteo.
StoryHostess Topsy tells Jayland, “Yourself, you will go through character generation when the time comes and can make your character look like whatever you want therein.”
Sir Matteo leans on Lady Wynter laxly.
Sir Matteo shifts his golden-flecked brown eyes.
Mirage examines herself thoroughly.
Sir Matteo hums at Mirage, “Nice skin!”
Mirage coos, “Thanks, it’s my allergic to the damn sun look.”
You relate spiritually to Mirage’s words.
Sir Matteo grins, “Ooh.. Vampires would be cool.”
StoryHostess Topsy nods to Lady Wynter aside, “We are trying to make subtle differentiations so that it feels fresh and unique.”
Sir Matteo notes, “But thats for later down the line.”
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “Mirage did a demonstration of what happens when an existing character is converted.”
Sir Matteo hears StoryHost Roo, “Oh.”
StoryHost Roo thanks Mirage amusedly.
Sir Matteo tells StoryHost Roo, “I nearly did on accident.”
Sir Matteo shifts his golden-flecked brown eyes.
Mirage covers her smile with her smooth right hand bashfully.
StoryHost Roo says, “I think Topsy wants to give a small tour.”
StoryHostess Topsy notes to Sir Matteo, “This ain’t Twilight and none of us will glitter ever.”
Sir Matteo snickers at StoryHostess Topsy.
Sir Matteo says, “I prefer Buffy anyway.”
You grin at StoryHostess Topsy.
Mirage asks StoryHost Roo then, “Wait so what of magic? I know there has been events and such that had it – will that now disappear?”
StoryHost Roo sparkles nonetheless.
Sir Matteo says, “Spike and Angel are the best vamps.”
Sir Matteo notes to StoryHost Roo, “Any thought about death in the game?”
StoryHost Roo nods to Mirage, “No magic.”
Sir Matteo says, “And revival.”
Mirage nods.
StoryHost Roo says, “We’ll have poisons though. Maybe that will be close enough.”
StoryHostess Topsy assures the Grand Pavilion and Sir Matteo, “Death will be purely consent, unless consent is given during plots and stuff but basically you will have to intentionally make the decision to die.”
Sir Matteo says, “Wow.. so permanent death on permission.”
Sir Matteo says, “That is sad in a way.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “In place of death, if your status drops low enough, you will fall unconscious, into a coma so to speak.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “You can wait out your coma timer.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And during that comatose period, if you decide to accept death, you can do so.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And you will be dead.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Like totally dead not pretend dead revived with magic pseudo-dead.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Actually dead.”
You snicker at StoryHostess Topsy.
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “I rarely have come across anyone who was okay with a random permadeath.”
Mirage nods to StoryHostess Topsy, “So no more of the church holy healy stuff.”
Mirage adds, “For revival that is!”
StoryHostess Topsy nods to Mirage, “Bearing in mind the time period and everyone’s belief in the higher power.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “You can claim a miracle brought you back from the bright white light when you wake up from a ten day coma.”
Mirage nods.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And we encourage priests and healers to rely on that mystic appearance of priests and holy persons.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “But when it comes down to it, you got better.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And that’s the nuts and bolts of it.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “By ALL MEANS praise God for that miracle.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “But truth is you weren’t dead.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “You were on death’s doorstep sure.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “But you didn’t become a reanimated corpse.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “You just got better lol.”
Jayland says, “he just didbn’t bother opening the door.”
StoryHostess Topsy nods to Jayland, “Not today, Satan. Not today.”
StoryHostess Topsy crosses her warm fluffy body religiously, “Amen.”
Jayland says, “sorry, I’m a slow typer.”
Mirage asks curiously, “If food is going to have an effect, will there be others? Such as being drunk?”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Okay so, further questions notwithstanding, do we want to see an example of a finished manor OR a sneak peak of the new world?”
StoryHostess Topsy nods to Mirage, “Food will in that hunger will be a thing.”
Lady Wynter tells StoryHostess Topsy, “Heck yeah.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Not a crazy thing so don’t shoot me.”
Mirage nods, “Lets take a peek at the new then!”
You will now follow StoryHostess Topsy.
Jayland says, “shall all o’ our current ICO skills come across, or shall we be losing some in the transition.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “I tested with a PC body and it took over a week of nightly playing to get KINDA close to where it would cause some issues, so you won’t die by not eating for a day.”
StoryHost Roo says to Mirage, “Possibly! I haven’t thought about drunkeness.”
Mirage chuckles to StoryHost Roo, “It would be interesting to see the stumbling and such!”
StoryHost Roo says, “And for the record, starving to death won’t be a thing. Being hungry will affect your energy consumption.”
StoryHost Roo says to StoryHostess Topsy, “Take us there.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Okay so if you wanna follow me I can show you a new manor real quick like.”
StoryHostess Topsy scampers away, “Yayay field trip, everyone have a buddy?”
Jayland says, “gpotta get to bed, but gramercy.”
StoryHostess Topsy approaches the exit of the Grand Pavilion.


StoryHostess Topsy says, “Okay so, in the past we have had a ton of complaints about manors not being even or fair.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Not anymore becauseeee.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “All manors will have variations of the same 20 rooms. It’s a formula.”
Lady Wynter says, “Cool!”
Mirage claps her smooth hands happily.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Everyone will have a living room, dining room, entertaining room, library, office, balcony, two yards, couple hallways, basement andddd the newest thing.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Is ‘staff’ quarters instead of Barracks.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Over the last decade we’ve learned that joining the barracks/military is a hard sell.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “But EVERYONE starts in an embassy as some sort of staff/employee/et cetera.”


StoryHostess Topsy says, “Welcome to the Allegory equivalent of upstairs/downstairs.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “We are giving staff/employees a place to chill.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “New pcs, lower ranked pcs, people who wanna play servants and handmaidens and pageboys and the like.”


StoryHostess Topsy points to a narrow, dimly lit hallway, “And they will have a free room to start out in when they join an embassy!”
Lady Wynter says, “Very neat!”
You point at one of the many doors too.
Mirage smiles, “Super exciting.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “So basically, all the manors will be on an even playing field, with options for everyone from freedman to count and up.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Now we wanna tour the new new area??”
Mirage nods.
Tipsy Topsy swerves out.


OOC — Sir Matteo says to StoryHostess Topsy, “i find it weird that people complained about the manors. they are supposed to be different”
OOC — Sir Matteo says, “but thats just me”
You note to Sir Matteo, “Some where considerably larger than the others.”
StoryHost Roo says, “Poor Rinaldi.”
OOC — Sir Matteo  says to you, “I mean the Rinaldi one was fine for what it was considering we technically had a gigantic palace next door”
StoryHostess Topsy notes to Sir Matteo, “Different but not uneven. One had six rooms and another had almost thirty.”
Sir Matteo says, “I often brought people to the palace to show off our splendor.”
Sir Matteo shifts his golden-flecked brown eyes.
You chuckle.
Sir Matteo says, “Ya know?”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Regardless, they will all be even now, you’re welcome.”
Sir Matteo nods.
Sir Matteo tells StoryHostess Topsy, “I havent been in the rin quarters for ages. kept asking for approval to walk inside.”
Sir Matteo says, “never happened.”
Sir Matteo grins.
Sir Matteo says, “I think the Rin had 12 rooms with the gardens and barracks but whatever.”
StoryHostess Topsy gestures grandly to Carosello Sudicio, “Back to business, welcome to a little corner of Rinascita called Carosello Sudicio, also known as the Carousel.”
Sir Matteo nods.
Sir Matteo hears StoryHostess Topsy.
Lady Wynter says, “I’m glad they will be even, it makes sense for the embassies.”


StoryHostess Topsy says, “We’re gonna have some cool new stuff like a place to sell your meats or buy some meats!”
Sir Matteo coos at StoryHostess Topsy.
StoryHost Roo says, “Meats.”
Mirage says, “So excited to see this cooking system you’ll have in store.”
Sir Matteo says, “Did we decide if it will cost money to leave and return from the AA.”
Sir Matteo says, “Or will it be affordable?”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “The city gates will be closed at night, otherwise it won’t cost anything.”
Sir Matteo hears StoryHostess Topsy, “How long will the day hours last?”
Sir Matteo gestures, “Night too.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “We hope to transition back to a normal clock.”


Sir Matteo hums, “That is cool. A good long time to get locked out in the dark.”
StoryHost Roo says, “I’m not totally sold on the gate being locked at night though.”
Sir Matteo says, “Maybe have some bells that go off that can be heard so many rooms away as a warning the gates are closing in 30 minutes.”
StoryHost Roo grins at StoryHostess Topsy, “Sorry.”
Sir Matteo notes, “The use of torches and lanters would be nice too.”
Sir Matteo says, “Right now we all walk around in the dark, but probably because animals can see better there.”
Lady Wynter asks randomly, “Um, can we have horses to ride?!”
StoryHost Roo says, “Just because I can only play at night and it would suck if the gates were always closed.”
StoryHostess Topsy nods to Lady Wynter, “Yisss.”
You grin at Lady Wynter, “That’s the plan.”
Lady Wynter squeals.
Lady Wynter hugs StoryHostess Topsy.
Lady Wynter hugs you.
StoryHost Roo says to Lady Wynter, “Dog companion too??”
You laughingly hug Lady Wynter.
Lady Wynter definitely dances.
Sir Matteo notes to StoryHost Roo, “It’d be neat if we could do 12 hour cycles. 4 hours of night 8 hours of day in each.”
Sir Matteo says, “12-4 is night, 4-12 is day. something along that lines.”
StoryHost Roo says, “I’d rather stick to a regular calendar system, personally.”
Sir Matteo nods, “Hm.”
Lady Wynter agrees with StoryHost Roo.
Sir Matteo says, “As long as the gates are open then.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “People get confused about the weird time schedules.”
Sir Matteo nods, “True they do.”
You nod at StoryHostess Topsy’s words.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And it’s impossible to make a clock that tells IG time when IG, one real hour equals 1.5 game hours.”
Sir Matteo notes to Lady Wynter, Niava, Bjorn, you and StoryHostess Topsy, “Have you seen castle marrach darkness? It’d be nice if we’d be dark in the wilderness away from civilization without torch or lantern.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And my brain can’t do those maths.”
Sir Matteo gestures, “In the big city there would be ambient light except for dark alleys and such.”
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “Darkness is built into the Skotos library. For some reason, the ICO founders decided to illuminate all rooms.”
Sir Matteo ponders, “Or perhaps you can see the room your in but cant scan in the dark?”
Sir Matteo says, “That way criminals can sneak up on you.”
StoryHost Roo says, “So darkness will probably happen.”
Sir Matteo nods, “Cool.”
StoryHost Roo says, “We can make it depend on moon phases too.”
Sir Matteo asks, “Will there be places to sell ore and gems from the mines?”
Sir Matteo nods to StoryHost Roo, “Lots of coding but nice.”
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “Yes (to selling ore and gems)”
The bustling of the city in the distance can be heard throughout the hot and hazy morning air.
A tall man in a dark cloak stalks through the area, muttering harshly under his breath, “You shouldnt be here…” as he disappears down the street.
StoryHost Roo says, “Each embassy will still have their own specialty imports but it will no longer be a thing where one embassy controls all cloth, lumber, etc.”
Sir Matteo nods to StoryHost Roo.
A passing individual in upscale garments tosses a scrap of food over his shoulder. Before long, a group of dirty children appear out of nowhere to fight over the morsel before disappearing back where they came from.
Mirage claps, “Yeah! Destroy the monopoly!”
StoryHostess Topsy nods to StoryHost Roo, “Yeah, so if an embassy is empty, the game doesn’t come to a halt because no one imports metal or something.”
StoryHost Roo says to Mirage, “Just like the board game, monopolies are only fun for the people who are winning.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Finally, emits hahaha, I was stalling for that.”
Mirage nods agreeingly.
Sir Matteo stretches idly.
StoryHost Roo says, “We hope to set up the guild/embassy relationships to be a little more inclusive too.”
Sir Matteo hums at StoryHost Roo, “I like that.”
StoryHost Roo says, “So rather than them competing, it will be more lucrative to work together.”
In the distance, the sound of a womans scream can just barely be heard over the sounds of the city.
Lady Wynter likes StoryHostess Topsy’s words.
StoryHostess Topsy nods to StoryHost Roo, “Conflict was a big problem for people in ICO.”
Lady Wynter says, “I’m really excited to see this new game unfold.”
Niava agrees.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “No one wanted it and those who did were outcasted. So we wanted to shift the dynamic a little to inspire intrigue and politics while also rewarding people who do want to work together.”
StoryHost Roo says, “The rough idea we had is guilds specify a type (crafting, mercenary, harvesting, sailing) and embassies can sponsor one (maybe two?) of each type. The embassies get perks for that, provided the guild stays active. Such as lower import costs if they sponsor a sailing guild (and it’s assumed that guild handles their transports)”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And the guild would get a perk too, to represent being in an alliance.”
Sir Matteo hums at StoryHost Roo interestedly.
A clearly intoxicated man enters from the door to the southeast, squinting at the sky with a groan before staggering away into the distance.
Lady Wynter coos at StoryHostess Topsy’s words.
Sir Matteo says, “Now I might wanna do a sailing guild.”
Sir Matteo grins at StoryHost Roo.
Sir Matteo says, “Put this pirate skill to good use.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “The politics and intrigue come into play when you have big GROUPS of people working together to try and win back guilds, people, et cetera.”
Sir Matteo notes to StoryHost Roo, “Will there be any pirate / sailor careers or is that sort of part of merchant.”
Mirage coos, “I love that. Especially because of the events it can create.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Conflict is more palatable for people when it is group vs group.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Instead of individual vs group.”
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “There won’t be careers. Only the career you create for yourself.”
Sir Matteo nods understandingly.
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “So you can be a fighter and roleplay that you sail ships.”
Sir Matteo nods to StoryHost Roo, “Will there still be skills to learn.”
Sir Matteo says, “To sail ships.”
StoryHost Roo says, “There is no way to incorporate a “sailing” skill in a reasonable way.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “The idea of a career is reliant on RP.”
The heat of the summer warms the still air around you.
Sir Matteo hums idly.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And you would pick the class that works with your career idea.”
Sir Matteo says, “I mean you guys did observation and other stuff before.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “So you could be a philanthropic artsy knight who never lifts a sword in his life.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Or a warrior paladin fighting for God in the church.”
Sir Matteo says, “Will there be thievery skills and such?”
StoryHost Roo says, “People chose careers based on the skills they gave, even if the career didn’t really make sense to that character’s story.”
A skinny waif of a boy sneaks into the area from the narrow space between the buildings to the southwest, eyeing you suspiciously before bolting away.
Sir Matteo nods to StoryHost Roo, “I know that part.”
StoryHost Roo says, “Now instead you choose the type of character you want to play and then through roleplay, figure out what they will do to make money.”
Lady Wynter likes StoryHost Roo’s words, “That is awesome!”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “It makes it easier from a player standpoint too.”
Lady Wynter asks curiously, “About the characters we already have, will they be starting over from scratch?”
Lady Wynter remains flexible “For myself, I’m fine if that is the case.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Instead of staring at a list of 40 options HOPING to find something close, only to realise the skills don’t match what you want to do.”
Mirage asks, “How will it be determined who are in the big embassies? A vote? Will current ambasadors be the new ones in the new game?”
Sir Matteo admits to StoryHostess Topsy, “I guess in my opinion its better to have skills you can work on to negotiate how good of a thief /sailor / whatever you are.”
Mirage points to Lady Wynter, “We have the same train of thought!”
StoryHost Roo says to Lady Wynter, “They will have a modified version of character generation where they choose a class (or two classes) and get a pool of learning points to spend on the skills that are available to those classes.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “You pick based on the class/skills and tell your story through the RP and the people you surround yourself with.”
Sir Matteo says, “Otherwise you have to sit and argue with other people to discuss how good of a criminal you are.”
Lady Wynter agrees with Mirage’s words.
Lady Wynter snickers at Mirage.
Sir Matteo says, “Do I make sense?”
StoryHostess Topsy tells Sir Matteo, “And we never said skills were going away.”
Sir Matteo nods.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “We never had a -sailing- skill.”
StoryHost Roo says to Lady Wynter and Mirage, “We figure ambassadors can transfer over.”
Lady Wynter cheers.
Lady Wynter bounces.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “We had a career called sailor that gave you fishing and dagger.”
You grin at Lady Wynter.
Sir Matteo tells StoryHostess Topsy, “I think we should add a simple sailing skill. It may not come handy often, but it could.”
Softly filtering through the surroundings, the slight breeze offers little relief from the heat of the summer sun.
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “You can roleplay it but I’m not convinced it can be a viable skill.”
Sir Matteo explains to StoryHostess Topsy, “What if as part of a “sailors” guild they have certain missions that are blue booked and you roll against their skill to see if they were successful? and there are other times when we will likely have rp’ed that the skill may come in use.”
StoryHostess Topsy tells Sir Matteo, “Right now, we have rowboats. Everything else is BB’d and you don’t need a specific set of skills honed over a lifetime to row a boat.”
Sir Matteo says, “Aka bringing in merchandise etc.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And like I know we discussed before.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “We are moving away from grand expedition plots that involve massive @ROLLS of skills that have no practical implementation.”
Sir Matteo says, “Otherwise what will a sailor guild do other than sometimes import stuff and make some stuff cheaper for houses.”
Lady Wynter nods to StoryHostess Topsy, “That makes sense.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “We want to work on implementing skills that can be used NOW in your every day self-suffient RP.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And if we DO do expeditions or large scale plots.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “The meat on those bones will be storytelling and how you work together with your fellow players to progress the story.”
Lady Wynter jokes to Sir Matteo, “They’ll drop you on an island for months and tell you to swim back to civilization, but the ocean exits are set to loop you back to the island in any ten directions.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Because it is a cooperative interactive fiction.”
Lady Wynter shifts her golden-speckled azure eyes, “I’d totally do that though.”
You snicker.
Sir Matteo pokes Lady Wynter.
Mirage nods, “Minimizing sounds like a better plan. Getting known around the world that your good at something and prove it via rp instead of rolls sounds more efficient.”
Sir Matteo tells Lady Wynter, “Least I didn’t have pirates blow up a ship with a bunch of people on it.”
Lady Wynter would totally build that.
StoryHostess Topsy likes Lady Wynter’s style.
Lady Wynter says to Sir Matteo, “I have no idea what that is even referencing. :)”
You evilly conclude about Lady Wynter’s mind.
Lady Wynter winks at StoryHostess Topsy.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “So yes, to bring this full circle. You can absolutely play a sailor, hang out with sailors, BB sailing ships in your free time.”
A tiny little girl huddled in the small space between two nearby buildings sings a faint, forlorn hymn to herself. She becomes startled as she notices your attention and retreats farther into the shadows.
Sir Matteo nods to StoryHostess Topsy, “Sorry for sidetracking all the time.”
Sir Matteo says, “I have all the questions.”
Sir Matteo defers to Lady Wynter, Niava, Bjorn, you and StoryHostess Topsy.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “But you should also keep in mind that you are trying to create a character that you can play in an enjoyable way every single day.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And not sit around hoping for a good roll on a random quest that MIGHT involve a skill that isn’t useful every other day of the year.”
StoryHost Roo says, “The systems are here to enhance your roleplay, not be a substitute for it.”
With nary a cloud to hide behind, the morning sun beats down with hot intensity.
StoryHostess Topsy points to StoryHost Roo, “MVP, said what I meant in less words.”
You like StoryHost Roo’s words too.
Sir Matteo nods, “I see.”
A clearly intoxicated man enters from the door to the southeast, squinting at the sky with a groan before staggering away into the distance.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Let’s be honest. You will log in once a day, every other day, and try to have fun.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “We are not equipped to lead people through plots weekly.”
Sir Matteo nods to StoryHostess Topsy.
A tall man in a dark cloak stalks through the area, muttering harshly under his breath, “You shouldnt be here…” as he disappears down the street.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “The everyday RP is the cake, so you better make it a tasty cake.”
Loud and raucous cheering can be heard from the door to the southeast.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Staff come along with the icing for the cake ONCE IN AWHILE.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “So your cake better be tasty if we aren’t here to bring the icing to the table 24/7.”
Lady Wynter totally digs StoryHostess Topsy’s words, “Love it!”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Otherwise we will all be sitting around the same courier 24/7, 365, complaining that no one is around, town is empty and there is….”
StoryHost Roo says to StoryHostess Topsy, “You had me at cake.”
StoryHostess Topsy wails dramatically, “nothing to doooooooo.”
Lady Wynter says, “with that though, I have to log because husband wants me to cuddle on the couch and watch movies!”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “We’re the set designers, prop masters and lighting directors.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Y’all are the actors.”
StoryHost Roo says to Lady Wynter, “Thanks for coming!”
Sir Matteo hums idly, “I want cake too.”
Lady Wynter says, “Sorry I can’t stay longer! If I come up with some questions or ideas, I’ll throw them at you all! <3 <3 <3.”
StoryHostess Topsy hugs Lady Wynter, “Have fun! Thanks for coming.”
Niava smiles.
Sir Matteo tells Lady Wynter, “Enjoy your night.”
You wave to Lady Wynter.
Lady Wynter hugs StoryHostess Topsy, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Lady Wynter passes out.
Niava waves.
StoryHostess Topsy moves from the road to the east to StoryHost Roo.
StoryHostess Topsy hugs StoryHost Roo.
Sir Matteo yawns idly.
Niava yawns unexpectedly.
Sir Matteo grins at Niava, “Got ya.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Any questions hahahah?”
StoryHostess Topsy shifts her nefarious glitter gold eyes.
StoryHost Roo says, “For the grand finale, I’ll do a magic trick.”
StoryHost Roo says, “Some of you might like it.”
Mirage hums.
Sir Matteo watches curiously.
StoryHost Roo wields a shiny steel scimitar in his main hand.
StoryHost Roo wields a shiny steel dagger in his off hand.
You look at StoryHost Roo.
Medium in height and sleek in build, StoryHost Roo is a young man of chalky complexion with a head of short thick dusky black hair. His almond dark brown eyes are accentuated by straight eyebrows and a smooth forehead. A chiseled nose, plump mouth with full lips and attentive ears complete the appearance. He is carrying a shiny steel scimitar, a shiny steel dagger, an anvil, a ball peen hammer, a shiny steel rod, a shiny steel vise, two keys, a shiny steel embossing stylus, a shiny steel chisel, a block of limestone stone, a carving knife, a roll of soft cream taffeta, a dark ruby wool rug, a sewing needle, a pair of scissors, a bolt of dark ruby velvet, a Tester, a rod, small tub of grey lip balm, a feather duster, cherry lumber, a jade scroll, a scroll and a flute. He is wearing a pair of pants and a shiny steel breastplate. StoryHostess Topsy is standing near StoryHost Roo. He is wielding a shiny steel scimitar in his main hand and a shiny steel dagger in his off hand.
Sir Matteo grins, “Dual wielding special move?”
Sir Matteo approves.
StoryHost Roo thrashes Sir Matteo with his shiny steel scimitar and his shiny steel dagger.
StoryHostess Topsy flashes her jazz hands airily, “Yassss.”
StoryHostess Topsy sniggers lots.
Sir Matteo grins.
Mirage squeals excitedly.
Sir Matteo says, “Was that the move?”
StoryHost Roo says, “It’s not coded in combat yet but it’s coming.”
Sir Matteo nods, “Nice.”
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “That was me typing “thrash matteo with my weapons””
Sir Matteo tells StoryHost Roo, “Can’t wait to see what the musket special move is.”
Sir Matteo grins.
Sir Matteo says, “Blow Matteo’s head off from long range.”
Sir Matteo smirks.
StoryHostess Topsy stage whispers to Sir Matteo, “I know what it is……”
StoryHost Roo says, “Nah, I’d shoot him in the leg. Make him suffer a little first.”
StoryHostess Topsy tells Sir Matteo then, “pull my trigger.”
Sir Matteo admits, “I miss my over-inflated ego.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Badumpsshhh.”
Sir Matteo grins at StoryHostess Topsy.
StoryHost Roo pets StoryHostess Topsy.
StoryHost Roo stops wielding a shiny steel scimitar and a shiny steel dagger.
Sir Matteo tells StoryHost Roo, “Im going to have to give up my pretty eyes hm?”
Sir Matteo shows his golden-flecked brown eyes to StoryHost Roo.
StoryHost Roo wields a shiny steel scimitar in his main hand.
Just for a moment, the breeze skates around you, ever so slightly counteracting the heat of the morning sun.
StoryHost Roo says to Sir Matteo, “I don’t think so.”
StoryHost Roo says, “That’s all we have to show and tell though. We can stick around a little longer if you have more questions.”
A soft creaking sound fills the area as one of the nearby buildings shift and groan under the weight of time and disrepair.
Mirage asks curiously, “Only question I have is skills outside our chosen careers. Like if someone chooses to be a scholar and a ranger – could they learn music from someone else IG?”
Sir Matteo grins, “Need ambient noises like these in the wilderness.”
Sir Matteo says, “Like wolf howls and such.”
Sir Matteo says, “Or tree branches falling.”
Sir Matteo notes, “I love the ambience though.”
You reassure Sir Matteo, “They’ll be everywhere.”
You eye StoryHostess Topsy knowingly.
Sir Matteo cheers merrily.
StoryHost Roo says to Mirage, “That’s something we’re still discussing. Whether or not to make non-class skills learnable to a low level.”
StoryHostess Topsy grins at Sir Matteo, “I’ve written thousands of emits over the course of the last five years, do you think I’ll stop now??”
Sir Matteo grins at StoryHostess Topsy, “Had no idea.”
Mirage nods to StoryHost Roo, “Understandable.”
StoryHost Roo says, “We already made the decision to make art and music learnable. Maybe you can’t master it but you can be okay.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “The weather system emits total some ridiculous number like 500 alone.”
StoryHost Roo asks Mirage, “What do you think the limitations should be?”
Sir Matteo notes to StoryHostess Topsy, “I still love my silly parrot.”
Sir Matteo asks StoryHost Roo, “Can I be zipped back? Gotta sleep.”
Mirage smiles to StoryHost Roo, “I do like the idea of not being able to master a third – but I don’t see why commonplace skills shouldn’t be learned, like fishing or cooking.”
Sir Matteo says, “Night all!”
Sir Matteo waves at Carosello Sudicio.
StoryHostess Topsy nods to Mirage, “Those are all general skills, everyone can access them.”
Niava waves.
You wave to Sir Matteo.
Sir Matteo leaves.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Riding, cooking, fishing…I think gardening? I can’t remember what we decided for that one.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “But we want people to be able to survive and such, have fun.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Be able to do basics.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And also specialise.”
StoryHost Roo says, “I think combat skills we keep going back and forth on.”
Mirage mentions then, “Yeah combat is different. You don’t want that one person that just has a weapon for everything. That would realistically take years to even master. But What’s the harm in being a jack of all trades master of none?”
Mirage adds, “Is the dice system like a roll20?”
StoryHost Roo says, “d24.”
Mirage hums, “Could you make it cost significantly more points to learn a third brand new combat? Then cap it?”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “I’m personally inclined to say that maybe with a cap of 6 you could learn something like dagger or something.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Be a hobbyist at a thing.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Self-defense, hobby stuff.”
Mirage nods agreeingly.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “That way people who dump all their points into mastering a combat class won’t feel salty about a guy who makes shoes for a living wiping the floor with his opponents ass in a duel.”
Niava grins.
You grin at StoryHostess Topsy.
Mirage says, “I’m trying to think about those people yeah. Like a healer + merchant who can – at least defend themselves from these damn muggers you know?”
You say, “It never hurts to get others involved too. If you can’t defend yourself when you want to go somewhere dangerous, find someone to help you.”
StoryHostess Topsy nods to you aside, “Another really good option as well.”
Mirage smiles, “I agree, but when its somewhere like docktown when you’re just trying to sell things it does kinda suck not being able to do anything about it especially when people arent online like they do.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “And gives combat people something to do besides beat each other to a pulp for funsies.”
You chuckle at StoryHostess Topsy.
StoryHostess Topsy stage whispers to Mirage, “We put trading tables in Newtown for that reason.”
Mirage adds, “Or – could you perhaps switch careers? Could that be an option down the road?”
Mirage whispers to StoryHostess Topsy.
StoryHostess Topsy sniffles, “No one uses mah tables wahhh.”
You pat StoryHostess Topsy’s right shoulder comfortingly.
You try, “There there.”
Niava says, “soory I keep getting pulled away lol.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “It’s all good!”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Any other questions?”
Mirage says, “Nope!”
Niava says, “No, but it looks like it’ll be fun!  I’m looking forward to all the crafting and trade.”
Niava says, “oh about when will all this be happeneing. Sorry if you said it already.”
StoryHostess Topsy says, “Nov 1st.”
You answer Niava, “We’re shooting for November 1st.”
Niava says, “oh cool!”
Niava says, “does this game have a free option, too?”
You nod, “When your trial runs up, you’ll automatically switch to a free account unless you renew one of the paid options.”
Niava nods.
Niava says, “gotcha thanks!  I’m done with questions now, lol.”
You grin.
StoryHostess Topsy says, “New game will have a free option too.”
Niava says, “great.”

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