Allegory of Empires: Features, Highlights, & New Releases

With the release date of Allegory of Empires creeping every closer, we will be compiling all of the information about changes in this thread so that you know what to expect (and we don’t forget anything by the time the release date rolls around in a little over a week). Keep an eye on this thread; we will update it with additional projects and updates as they are completed.

Note: The game will be in beta at the time of the transition from Ironclaw. You may encounter unfinished areas, bugs, or other missed things. We will continue to work on these, but it may take some time. We appreciate your patience. If you see anything left over from Ironclaw, such as animal NPCs, animal emits, or other references to Ironclaw lore (ex: place names), PLEASE @assist from that location. If you are unsure whether or not something is Ironclaw-related, @assist just to be safe. Likewise, @assist if you run into any bugs/typos/et cetera. I’m aware of which areas are missing mini maps, so there is no need to alert us for those.


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