“Iron Tusks and Gardener’s Souls” History The Doloreaux made their home on the northern part of Calabria, moving quickly to claim the area between the Rother and Lyore rivers. Their arrival was not without violence — the Doloreaux expansion was the first to buffet the Rinaldi, and later the Avoirdupois and Bisclavret. Young lords, eager to stake their claims to land, went to war whenever they thought they could win. After many victories and few losses, the Doloreaux have staked their claim . . . but they command no sea ports, and their farmland can only sustain their current population. Current Affairs The Doloreaux areRead More →

The Ruling House? Introduction by Tamurello My quandary is… unusual, and particular to our city of Triskellian. As you are no doubt aware, our city is a HUB OF COMMERCE AND TRADE… throughout Calabria, the coin of the House Rinaldi, the DENAR, is freely accepted from the cold north coast of EPINIAN to the southern VIA SALUTIS… but as the ships come and go, and more people attend these shores, merchants find themselves in GREATER NEED of coins. True Denarii have become RARE. I have always been one of FORESIGHT. Using my wits and a shrewd deal or two, I was able to obtain oneRead More →

“From Stone & Wood to Brick & Steel” History The Bisclavret were once part of the demesne of the Phelan. Over three hundred years ago, on the night of the “Seiscethir,” the Bisclavret proclaimed themselves a seperate nation. They threw off the trappings of their old ways and embraced the “modernism” of the Church of S’allumer, of kings and vassals, of commerce and technology. Today they are a formidable Noble House in their own right. Their control over the northwestern forests of Calabria has given them the economic power to build an army second only to the Avoirdupois. The might of their mercenaries and theRead More →

“Pure in Thought, Pure in Deed” History The equine Avoirdupois claim that their noble line is the oldest and the proudest of all time. To back up their claim, the Avoirdupois maintain the oldest known castles and have the longest written records of anyone in Calabria. Steeped in tradition, members of this house are known for their unfailing courage, their unfaltering attention to their chivalric code, and their intolerance for everything not “Avoirdupois”. The Avoirdupois are proud and strong, fleet of hoof and of mind. They control the vast sweeping northeastern plains of Calabria. Their great vineyards and sweeping manors are responsible for most ofRead More →

City of Triskellian“Honorable Guild-Master Navigator Maratuch: My greetings and prayers unto you. I would that this were a happy writing. I have of late received the map of Triskellian which I commossioned from you a fortnight ago. As I gazed upon it I could not help but notice certain inaccuracies and omissions of detail. Your depiction of the Cathedrale of Temoin is almost heretical. By eliminating its majestic dome and replacing it with a single spire, you cheat it of its beauty. Our marvelous aqueduct system has been reduced to a mere trickle. Those reading this map would think us lax indeed, for they couldRead More →