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A map of the city with major locations labelled can be found here: If you can’t find something, please feel free to page me if you see me online. KjellRead More →

With the release date of Allegory of Empires creeping every closer, we will be compiling all of the information about changes in this thread so that you know what to expect (and we don’t forget anything by the time the release date rolls around in a little over a week). Keep an eye on this thread; we will update it with additional projects and updates as they are completed. Note: The game will be in beta at the time of the transition from Ironclaw. You may encounter unfinished areas, bugs, or other missed things. We will continue to work on these, but it may takeRead More →

I’ve created an FAQ page for the more regular questions that we’ve been receiving about the Allegory transition.   KjellRead More →

StoryHost Roo says, “I know some of you are new. Are you familiar with the changes that will be happening in a few months?” Mirage nods. Lady Wynter arrives through the exit of the Grand Pavilion. Lady Wynter waves to Niava, Jayland, Mirage, Bjorn and you. Jayland says, “That we’ll all going to become Human, and speaking in Italian accents..Aye.” You chuckle at Jayland. Niava says, “Not really. I literally just started haha But, I’ve been poking around the forums.” You smile at Niava, “Welcome.” Niava smiles. Niava says, “Thanks.” Lady Wynter waves to Niava, “Welcome!” You wave to Lady Wynter. Lady Wynter waves toRead More →

StoryHost Roo says to Kilana, “In approximately 5-8 months, Skotos as a gaming community will be disbanding. What that means is the more popular games (ICO, CM, TEC, Lazarus) will be passed off to their respective hosts.” StoryHost Roo says, “That’s the short of it. There’s more info here –” StoryHost Roo says, “As far as what this means for us…” StoryHost Roo says, “It’s a little complicated in that we have to have permission from the makers of Ironclaw to operate an Ironclaw themed game. The “contract” we have is very vague in that it doesn’t talk about if it can be transferred.” StoryHostRead More →

On October 14th, there will be a mandatory evacuation for all characters to Three Corners so that we can finish preparations for the switch to Allegory of Empires on November 1st. Characters who do not voluntarily evacuate will be automatically moved to Three Corners at that time. During the temporary evacuation period, you will not have access to any of the locations in Triskellian, including your private room(s). You will not lose any of the items in your private room(s) unless they reference branded Ironclaw lore, but staff will not be retrieving items left behind for you during the evacuation. You are encouraged to take anyRead More →

I want to take a moment to remind everyone that the game world extends well beyond the interactions that you have with other PCs and VPs. Everything around you, including the weather, NPC actions, and so on is intended to inspire your RP, and you should consider how your character(s) would or would not react to what you’re seeing as a player. How you handle it is up to you, but remember that nothing is there “just because.” Have fun with it and create some stories! KjellRead More →

Greetings, As some of you have noticed, we’ve been doing quite a bit of work on the crafting databases in the last week or so. Our intent is to: * Add some diversity to crafting careers by allowing characters to build their own pattern databases * Merge similar careers to get rid of the annoying problem of not being able to find characters of certain skillsets General crafting career updates We have went through the majority of databases and redistributed items according to level. Each level has been (or will be) assigned 4 craftable items. For many careers, especially seamstress, this leaves a lot ofRead More →

Ironclaw may experience some downtime on Friday June 21, 2019 between the hours of 2pm and 4pm eastern time for maintenance. Ironclaw’s machine will be receiving a much needed upgrade that will help with stability. Even if you are able to log in during this time, the machine may reboot and revert to an old backup. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!Read More →

Just a few updates to the way muggers operate: Muggers will take no more than 20 denarii from a PC. Whenever defeating a mugger in combat, you will take whatever coin they happen to be carrying–unless you choose to let them go!   RooRead More →