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General Considerations Religion is serious business. A lot of people are willing to kill and die for their faith. The Church is the foundation of the entire society, except in Doloreaux lands. It sanctifies the right of the nobility, property and morality. In a way, the Church IS society. There is very little “community” between a noble, a citizen of Triskellian, a farmer and a slave, except through faith as conducted by the Church. In a way, all are equal before the Light, in a way, they are not. The Church believes that everyone is assigned their proper station in life by divine fiat.  TheRead More →

About nobility and its interactions with others. General thoughts: – The worldview of nobility is false, but accepted by almost everyone in-character on some level, even if they resent nobility too. – Those who know better need to go quiet about it or face consequences. – The IronClaw picture of nobility is not historical. It is romanticized and looks more like the Victorian picture of feudal nobility than actual feudal nobility. – It is the co-operative responsibility of players to try to maintain atmosphere. Sure the fat bastard idiot is not really superior, but if he was treated as what he is by modern standards,Read More →