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Mounts in Ironclaw are used to travel from point A to point B and can come in a variety of forms. Living mounts (such as destriers and jennets) are useful when traveling by foot while nonliving mounts (dinghys, small boats) are useful when traveling by sea. The command usage is the same for all types of mounts. MOUNT SYNTAX: mount [mount], dismount [mount] A character who is mounted and logs out/disconnects will be automatically dismounted. If the disconnect occurs in a water room (only accessible by boat), the character will be moved to shore, but only if the boat has moved locations when the characterRead More →

@a @b @c @d @e @f @g @h @i @k @l @m @n @o @p @q @r @s @t @u @v @w @y @a @a Simply using @a is often in response to a choice given by one or more systems where they require an option given via @a, @b, @c, etc. @account This is a financial command that informs you of your bank account balance. @adverb (followed by a letter) You will be given a list of all adverbs that begin with the appropriate letter. @afk All characters in your vicinity will be informed that you are AFK or “away from keyboard”. Normally usedRead More →

Tools Needed Vendors and Locations Commands Adding Trim or Lace Dyes and Colors Tools Needed Needle, Tailoring pin, Scissors, and Fabric are the basics. For those who are new to the game upon entering the tailors (northeast of the East Commons), there is a pair of scissors and a needle for public, free use. Until you acquire enough funds to purchase your own. As these are not in your personal inventory the command for use is: alter my bolt/roll with scissors and needle. Do not use “my” in the command as the system will not recognise the syntax. :-).   (return to top) Vendors (NPCs)Read More →