The Parser

A a-little, a-lot, a-moment, abandonedly, abasedly, abashedly, abatedly, abatingly, abbreviatedly, aberrantly, abeyantly, abhorrently, abidingly, abjectly, ably, abnormally, abominably, abortedly, abrasively, abruptly, absent-mindedly, absently, absentmindedly, absolutely, absorbantly, absorbedly, absorbingly, abstainedly, abstentiously, abstinently, abstractedly, abstractly, abstrusely, absurdly, abundantly, abusedly, abusively, abysmally, academically, acapella, accentedly, acceptingly, accessibly, accidentally, accidently, acclamatorily, accommodatingly, accomplishedly, accordingly, accurately, accusatorally, accusatorially, accusatorily, accusingly, accustomably, accustomedly, acerbically, achingly, acidly, acknowledgingly, acquiescently, acridly, acrimoniously, acrobatically, actively, actually, acutely, adamantly, addictedly, addictively, additionally, adeptly, adequately, adhesively, admirably, admiringly, admittedly, admonishedly, admonishingly, adolescently, adorably, adoringly, adroitly, adulatingly, adulterously, advantageously, adventurously, adverbially, adversarially, adversely, aesthetically, afar, affably, affectedly, affectingly, affectionately, affirmatively, affirmingly, affluently, affrontedly, after, after-a-while, after-the-fact, afterwards,Read More →

A aargh, abandon, abate, abbreviate, abduct, abide, abort, abscond, absolve, absorb, abstain, abuse, accede, accelerate, accent, accentuate, accept, access, accessorize, acclimate, accommodate, accompany, accomplish, accost, accuse, accustom, ache, acknowledge, acquaint, acquiesce, act, adapt, add, address, adhere, adjourn, adjust, administer, admire, admit, admonish, adore, adorn, adulate, advance, advertise, advise, advocate, affect, affirm, affix, afflict, afk, afraid, aggrandize, aggravate, agitate, agonise, agonize, agree, ahh, aid, aim, air, alarm, alert, alight, align, allay, allege, alleviate, alliterate, allocate, allow, allude, ally, alphabetise, alphabetize, alter, alternate, always, amble, ambulate, ambush, amend, amuse, analyse, analyze, anger, angle, animate, annotate, announce, annoy, annunciate, anoint, answer, antagonise, antagonize, anticipate, apologise, apologize, appeal, appear,Read More →

@a @b @c @d @e @f @g @h @i @k @l @m @n @o @p @q @r @s @t @u @v @w @y @a @a Simply using @a is often in response to a choice given by one or more systems where they require an option given via @a, @b, @c, etc. @account This is a financial command that informs you of your bank account balance. @adverb (followed by a letter) You will be given a list of all adverbs that begin with the appropriate letter. @afk All characters in your vicinity will be informed that you are AFK or “away from keyboard”. Normally usedRead More →