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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Ironclaw Online?

Ironclaw Online is an anthropomorphic role-playing game set at the cusp of change on the large island continent of Calabria. Many different sentient races, cultures, and societies are converging upon the dock town city of Triskellian. As a player, you will start with humble beginnings, only to become involved in machinations as each noble house vies for control and the guilds strive for power. Which side will you take? Will you throw your fate in with the Bisclavret, becoming a mercenary hoping for riches and glory? Can you stand against the Avoirdupois warriors, in their staggering numbers and unyielding formations? And what of the mysterious Doloreaux, with the rumors that they may have unlocked the secrets of the wizard-kings of yore? Or can you really hope to remain neutral as the destiny of the world is decided? Join us on this epic adventure of life and the quest for control in a world filled with many people stretching their imaginations to the limit.


What is the background story or history Ironclaw Online?

Calabria’s first inhabitants are lost in the mists of time. Surely a great race lived there once – in the forgotten corners of the land, monuments have been left in their passing.
Thousands of years must have passed before the Great Houses made their marks on the land, beginning as mere immigrants upon the landscape from the rest of the world. The first to appear were the cunning Rinaldi. They were swiftly followed by the Doloreaux and Avoirdupois then Bisclavret emerged as the newest of the Great Houses. None can say from whence they originally came and this has been a source of some debate. Navigators and scholars agree that the earth is round, and that there are many lands yet to be discovered beyond the horizon.


What role do I have in this story?

Your role is open for interpretation by a very imaginative mind – You. You are a commoner amongst a large bustling city. Seek a career and path of your choosing. The story forms around you and other characters. Where you go from here is completely up to you.


What are the main features of Ironclaw Online?

The main features of Ironclaw Online are: an indepth crafting system allowing characters to create most anything available in the game based on the skills and careers of their characters, a complex combat system using turn-based actions which allow for one-on-one battles or group fighting, a large and ever-expanding world to explore, many new and exciting charcters to interact with, a system for player-based guilds, and noble houses which rule over the land.


Is Ironclaw Online a MUD or MUSH game?

A little of both. Ironclaw Online is a text-based (prose) role-playing game.


Is it possible to Player Kill in Ironclaw Online?

Yes. In general, death is by player consent however there are locations deemed ‘unsafe’ which will permit a character to die without consent. Depending on a character’s status with the local religions, reincarnation is also a possibility. Ironclaw Online is not based on Player Killing but does include systems which support it.


How does Ironclaw Online compare to the other Skotos Games?

It’s the best there is but we are biased. We do recommend that you try the whole gambit of Skotos games and determine which best fit your desire for game play and interaction.


When did Ironclaw Online start?

Alpha stage (part 1) started in the beginning of January in the year 2006. Beta stage (part 2) started one year later and is currently planned to extend indefinitely as balance is found. The Gold stage of Ironclaw Online is a goal far in our future as balancing new systems and adding new content are time and labor intensive tasks.


Who made Ironclaw Online possible?

Ironclaw Online was a collaboration of many entities. Sanguine Productions gave us permission to use their pen & paper version as a basis for the story. Skotos Tech runs all the services, engines, and hosting the game. The coding and construction aspects were all built by volunteers, most of which were once and may still be players just like yourself.


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Last Updated On May 24, 2018