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The Guilds of Triskellian
Triskellian is an unusual city; it alone on Calabria has guilds independent of the noble houses. They have the House Rinaldi to thank for their freedom. Over the years the Rinaldi have been more and more consumed with infighting and have left more and more of the city’s administration to the Guilds and Constabulary.

Guilds in other lands and cities are generally beholden to the nobility for profit and advancement. Some hundred years ago Auvrich II, then Don of the Rinaldi, became tired of running the city and keeping up with court intrigue. The Avoirdupois were contesting the Doloreaux claims and fighting had broken out along their common border. In haste Don Auvrich II appointed a Council of the then largest Guilds in the city with the mayor of the Constabulary to oversee the city’s governance. The guilds which comprise the Council are: Merchants, Ironsmiths, Navigators, Shipwrights, Millers & Weavers.

When a young child is taken as apprentice, he can expect to serve his Master in every capacity. A cooper’s apprentice, for example, can be expected to clean the shop, care for the tools and run all manner of errands. For the first several years he will learn only the rudiments of barrel making. It will only be later, when the Master is satisfied of his readiness, that the true secrets of the craft will be passed along. The Master, for his part, is bound by the Orders of the Guild to teach his craft in full and to the best of his ability.

The time in apprenticeship varies from craft to craft and trade to trade, ranging from five to eight years. When apprentices have successfully completed their trials, they are brought into the Guild as Journeymen. Then they either leave the services of the Master to set up another shop (often many leagues away in another city), or the Journeymen stay on at the Master’s as senior craftsmen.

If he chooses to leave then he may take on apprentices of his own. He then becomes a Master in his own right. Not all Masters are created equal. Those who have distinguished themselves in the quality and perfection of their craft will have more apprentice applicants to choose from. This allows the truly talented master room to pick and choose, thus insuring that he gets only the most talented apprentices. He thereby increases his reputation further.

Last Updated On May 24, 2018