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Pregnancy in Ironclaw Online


The mother and father must be established characters before participating in a pregnancy plot.  “Established” is defined by staff as 6 months of fairly consistent playing.

  • The mother and father must be of the same species or from the same species family. Eg tiger and lion can have mutual offspring, wolves and foxes can not.

  • Note: There is an in-game way for those of different species to have mutual offspring but that information must be discovered in-game.



Pregnancy is 6 months (24 weeks) for every species, even if animals have a different span in RL. Signs begin to show 2 months after conception.


  • Stage 1 Belly Mod – 2 months (8 weeks) after conception.
  • Stage 2 Belly Mod – 3.5 months (14 weeks) after conception.
  • Stage 3 Belly Mod – 5 months (20 weeks) after conception.
  • Stage 4 Belly Mod (free) – 6 months (24 weeks) after conception. Character will need to assist once pregnancy is over. The belly will go back to normal and baby prop given out if one was requested.



o Pregnancy/belly modifications – 30 storypoints (10 storypoints per alteration)

Generally, 3 alterations are given, and must be paid for up front, for a total of 30 storypoints. While pregnant, the body undergoes changes which are shown through SP purchases. The duration of pregnancy in ICO is 6 months, so alterations will be spread out accordingly.  The 3 default stages are “slightly-rounded stomach”, “rounded stomach”, and “noticeably rounded stomach”


  • Custom gait for the duration of the pregnancy – 30 storypoints
  • Custom adjective for stage (per adjective, per stage) – 15 storypoints


o Baby Prop – 200 or 400  storypoints

(Note: The person who pays the storypoints owns the prop)

If roleplaying pregnancy, a player may wish to purchase a baby prop. The cost per prop is as listed below for each prop, so if a character is having twins or multiples, they will have to pay the storypoint cost per child to have them to interact with in the game world. These are not mandatory purchases for RP, purely optional.  

Baby props may be requested for inter-species couples as adoptions. Couples wishing to adopt should expect to meet the requirements(see above, excepting species) to become pregnant before requesting an adoption.  

  • – Baby with traits randomly generated from the parents’ traits – 200 storypoints
    • – Additional customizations – 15 storypoints each.
  • – A completely customizable baby with traits determined by the parents – 400 storypoints

We prefer a month’s notice so we can go ahead and build the prop BEFORE the birth at the 6 month mark.

Baby props are not intended to remain in the game indefinitely. They will age over time and it is up to the players to request the age progression.  Baby props will age as their parents do.

  • 0-2 real life years – the child will appear in game as a baby prop
  • 2-4 real life years – the child will appear in game as a toddler prop
  • 4-6 real life years – the child will appear in game as a young child
  • 6 real life years – the child prop will be removed from game


At the 6 real life year mark, players have the option to create a child character to represent the baby. The child character WILL take up a character slot regardless of who plays it. If a child prop was purchased, there will be no charge to set up the child character. If a child prop was NOT purchased, the option to create the child character still exists but with a 100 storypoint charge per child.



The following pregnancy stories are forbidden and will not be supported by staff. We reserve the right to ban players from participating in pregnancy plots if they blatantly defy these limitations.

Rape. We do not support rape plots nor do we wish to have public conversation about someone being pregnant due to rape.


Miscarriages/Still Borns/Abortions. Due to the sensitivity of the topic, staff will not support these plots. Stillborn baby props will not be provided. We also ask players to refrain from roleplaying these types of events.

Recommendations for how to back out if you have really changed your mind


  • Cancer, tumors or whichever in game, era-appropriate term of your choosing. Your abdomen was swollen very greatly from the tumors.

  •  Pseudo pregnancy. Your body decided to turn traitor on you, and you really thought you were pregnant.
  • Internal bleeding. You were hit, fell, clumsily ran into something, and so your abdomen was practically bursting with blood. It’s a miracle you survived.

Whichever alternative excuse you choose, (You don’t necessarily have to use one of the aforementioned excuses) please, let’s be respectful for those who may have gone through something so terrible in their real lives.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bluebook being impregnated by a non-PC?

A: No. The child must be fathered by a PC who is capable of giving consent. You can claim to be pregnant but will not be eligible to receive belly mods or a child prop.


Q: I want to change the father of my child mid-pregnancy. Can I do that?

A: No. Once the father assists consenting to conception, the parenthood cannot be changed


Q: Can I leave town and come back with a baby prop?

A: Yes, see the point about adoption above.

Last Updated On November 05, 2018