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Token Costs


Tokens may be used as a payment method for various in game (IG) or staff assisted adds and alterations.  Item costs listed below are baseline costs and do not cover every possible thing that can be done.  The type of token requested by staff will align with the type of ‘service’ being requested.  These prices are assuming that you are RPing that you would like to have these things done with other players.  If you come to us and say, “Can you do this, but I do not have time to deal with ‘insert crafter name here.’ the prices will increase.


Please @assist if you have questions.




For some requests, staff will consider accepting denarii in lieu of tokens.  In this case, the conversion is 1 token-2 denarii.  Players IG are not bound by this conversion but are welcome to use it.

IE: Item(s) cost 30 tokens.  In the case of using denarii instead of tokens, staff would accept a payment of 60 denarii.



Establishing New Items in Game

Basic items are those that can be parented to an already existing item to inherit code. I.e., a new style of shirt, chest armor, a new kind of table, etc.


–      Design of a basic new item- 700 tokens

–      Additional detail- 50 tokens per detail

–      Design of a singular, one-time custom item**- 350 tokens


Additional details would include things that a base garment does not already have, such as; targetable sleeves or collar, targetable plates, targetable table top, etc.


For craftable items added to a guild database, or the game’s universal crafting list for that career, IE: a new table type, it is the StoryBuilder’s decision what level a crafter will need to be to create the item.  However, we do accept recommendations.


** To purchase a one-time item that you don’t want added to your guild database or to the game-wide database, the cost will be 350 tokens. You will still have to pay 500 tokens to secure the design of your item, so it can’t be copied, if you choose. This only applies to items that will not be circulating in the game except on rare occasions. For example, a custom designed gown for a Noblewoman, or an exclusive piece of armor for a Knight. It is far less lucrative to purchase this way as if you end up buying two of the design you’ve already spent the same number of tokens you would have spent for adding an item to one of the databases. For people who are just wanting a single item, however, it’s not a bad option.


!!! – If the item you are designing or creating would normally be an item imported by one of the four great Houses, you *must* get IG permission from the appropriate House to be able to import or make it. Staff require an assist from the House leader or a House tradesman giving permission to the guild/person designing the object. The House can, at any time, revoke permission for direct import of your item, at which point it would be removed from your inventory. – !!!




Items & Garments


–    One-time custom garment OR Item – 350 tokens

(this comes with whatever basic details are in a similar garment or item; so, skirt, sleeves, buttons, doors,                             seat backs, etc.)


–    Additional details – 50 tokens each

(Bells on sleeves, plates on armor, collars on dresses – Anything additional that does not already exist on a                       pre-existing base item from the same crafting genre.)


–     Custom dye, or Coloration – 50 tokens per single use

(Includes single use dyes, lacquers, metal tints, et cetera)


–    Color or material change on an existing garment – 15 tokens

(PC must provide the item and the new dye, lacquer, material, etc. they wish the item changed to.)





–    New Hairstyle – 700 tokens (Same as new item)


One-time custom hairstyles- 

– Coordinated with an IG hairstylist – 300 tokens or 50 Storypoints

– Without IG hairstylist – 350 tokens or 100 Storypoints  – Yes, there is an RP discount


–     New hair textures, fur textures, or tail textures – 400 tokens

(These don’t have any elaborate descriptions and generally are three words or less)




Securing Designs

Houses and guilds that establish new designs have the option to ‘secure’ the design which means that other houses and/or guilds may not copy the design, trait, etc. that you spent your hard-earned tokens to create.  This will provide you a bit of a monopoly.  Designs may be sold.  Designs that are not secured may be added to the general database for all players use at some point.  Unless directed staff will not release a design but if asked we will do so.  Also, players may automatically release a design to the populace.


The 500-token fee to secure an item is in addition to any other token costs associated with the creation your ‘design’.




House Related Items and Alterations


Direct import – Cultural Garments (Only available to Houses)

Base Object Cost- 50 trade or society tokens or 200 denarii

– Required materials to send in upon request-

– Pre-dyed fabric acquired in game

– Any other supplies for details in the garment (metal bars for grommets, extra colors,                      etc.)


Send an @assist that your House would like to secure some cultural garments and a Story Builder will contact you.  Once you are contacted, send the above items and with directions and quantity and you order will be completed and sent back.


Single use alterations

Houses may make a request to alter a feature of one of their importable items for 50 tokens.  Items requested must already be on hand in game.  When you are ready write an @assist stating your request.  Once staff replies, send the item in a package with a scroll included identifying the change to the appropriate staff person.

The person making the request must be authorized to utilize guild tokens within said House/Embassy that you are making the request from.


Rinaldi – Dye Pots

– A bolt or roll of fabric dyed another color. IE: a roll of silk may be dyed to a roll of frosted silver silk.


Bisclavret – Single Use Lacquer Pots

– A wood item or piece of lumber. IE: I would like this wood lacquered in smoky brown.


Avoirdupois – Fabric Alterations

– Fabrics may be patterned or textured. You cannot alter the type of fabric, but you can add descriptors to                       the fabric. IE: Striped, floral-patterned, quilted, ruched, speckled, ombre, et cetera.


Doloreaux – Metal Staining

– A metal item or rod altered to have a stain worked into the metal (no steel items allowed). IE: Blued,                                smoked, blackened, bronzed, burnished, polished, et cetera.




Event Items

(These must be requested no later than 14 days before an event.  The sooner you let us know the better chance we can make things happen)


–    New prop or decoration – 50-75 tokens

(social tokens, for default and one detail depending on complexity)


–    Coded games or entertainments – 100-150 tokens

(social tokens, with basic stat rolls or reactions depending on game type)


–    Emitting groups or event specific emits – 100 tokens

(social tokens, per ten emits, one-time use)




Food & Drink


–   One-time ONLY new food or drink – 300 tokens

(served once and once only)


–   Permanent new food or drink – 200 tokens

(added to the database and can be used again in the future)


–   New mini-food or mini-drink – 150 tokens

(includes taster bottles, miniature versions of existing food or tasting samples)


(Please note that these prices are for the building of the new food or drink ONLY and there will be an additional price per item/dozen)




Base Cost/Room (includes only default description changes of the room)


–   With crafter and materials needed – 100 tokens

 –    Missing crafter OR materials – 150 tokens

 –   Missing crafter AND materials – 200+ tokens (dependent on price per material)

 –   Additional Details – 50 tokens (per detail added. IE, things you can RP and interact with)


(Please note, you will have to receive permission from the Rinaldi via the Guild Council to make renovations or changes to public spaces. These prices can also apply to guild members altering personal rooms, but you must have token permission and request approval from the owner of the establishment (IE- assist with your idea. We will work with you to determine appropriate changes to a rented room.)








Direct Imports

Direct imports are items that can be directly imported by a particular guild/House that only they have access to.  Importing once items are established in the Guild data base will incur a nominal token cost per item.  Consider this like getting a guild ring from your inventory.


Houses are automatically provided 4 direct import slots.  Guilds may buy direct import slots. LIMIT IS 4 SLOTS PER GUILD


1st Slot- 500 trade tokens

2nd Slot- 1,500 trade tokens

3rd Slot- 4,500 trade tokens

4th Slot- 10,000 trade tokens

House cloaks, and garments take one House Direct Import slot.


Guilds may import items that are under the import purview of one of the houses but MUST first request and receive specific permission to do so.  (@assist from Ambassador or Trade Rep)


You may remove an item from your direct import slots at any time, however items that have been listed for less than 3 months will incur a 100-token fee.


Adding established item to a direct import slot – 100 tokens

You may create new items to directly import.  Costs are the same as creating a new item (see top of page).


New items made for direct import will not have ‘special’ functionality. For example, a garment can’t have secret compartments or intrinsic armor. Armor can’t have lower armor penalties than similar pieces of armor for the same armor bonus or provide mask effects.

(Mods with this type of special functionality are limited to custom items paid for by storypoints on a very limited basis.)


You cannot direct import items of mass production (rods, bolts, bars, lumbers, etc). Items that are meant to be limited IG will not be allowed direct import status. Staff will use their discretion to decide what is allowed or what isn’t.

Last Updated On September 26, 2018